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Make sure not to leave this out when selling your home

25 November, 2019 / Category: Blog

Make sure not to leave this out when selling your home banner image

You’ve got the fancy photos done, got some great copy for the website, cleaned it from top to bottom, hired an agent, and now you’re ready to sell. Or are you?

We’re astonished at the number of sellers who still leave this one essential item out when selling their home: the floor plan. Such a simple addition can be the lynchpin in whether a buyer will be seriously interested in your home. While they may not be essential to renters, they are certainly vital to home buyers. Studies have shown that 1/5 people looking to buy will skip over your home if they cannot find a floor plan. Floor plans can make or break you. Here’s why.

1. Frame of Reference
The truth is photos can lie but floorplans cannot. Whether it’s a hotel room or a home, they give viewers a sense of the space, it’s logic and flow and whether the space is liveable for the buyer. With just a quick glance, a buyer can know immediately if this is the home for them.

2. What works for you….
While photos can lay out what a space can do, we also want to leave it up to a buyer’s imagination too. What once was a bedroom might work better as a study for the next homeowner and this may not be so easily conveyed if only photos and copy are given. But even if it is, is it too close to the living room and therefore not given enough space for the occupier to have quiet work time away from his children?

3. Old in the new
Often new home buyers come with baggage No, not emotional – physical! Old furniture, paraphernalia, art and a whole lotta other things. Floor plans allow them to visualise how their old things might fit into the new space. Whether there’s enough wall room for their plethora of family photos, or whether that enormous antique chest of drawers they inherited will fit in the master alongside their King-size bed.

4. Changing Spaces
We’re not all potential stars of The Block but for some, seeing a floor plan can help potential flippers or renovators see potential in DIY or professional renovation. A pokey domicile segmented into specific living areas might have the potential for open-plan living or a really large master could be broken up into two smaller bedrooms for those wanting to rent a property out in the future. Whatever their plan is, floor plans are great indicators of what is architecturally possible and impossible. Give them the tools to help them plan the home that they will love.

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