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De-cluttering tips to help sell your property

21 November, 2014 / Category: Blog

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So, you’ve decided to sell your house. You’ve assessed the market, chosen your agent, and you’re ready to raise your ‘For Sale’ sign. Unfortunately, your home itself may not be prepared. It might sound fastidious, but when it comes to selling your property, the clutter needs to go. By eliminating excess furniture and personal belongings, you can better display your home’s features and make each room look its best. Here are a few things to remember when de-cluttering your home.

Get sorted

First things first, do you really need to keep everything you own? Before you move house, sort your possessions into three separate categories: things moving with you, things to donate, and things to throw away. Remember that many charities could benefit from the belongings that you no longer need, and are always more than happy to relieve you of your (serviceable) clutter.

Bring back the garage sale

Before you take a trip to the local Salvation Army, consider what might be sellable at your own garage sale. The idea may sound old school, but people still love rummaging through boxes of miscellaneous goods. If your kids toys, old books and kitchen appliances are still in working order, there’s a good chance that they might be worth some money. Enough gold coins could convert your clutter into a tidy profit; funds to put towards something you might need in your new home.

Open spaces equal open minds

As a homeowner looking to sell, it is important to understand that a spacious house creates a very good first impression on potential buyers. Psychologically, it is said that an open house will create an open buyer. Clutter tends to shut people down and lessen their interest, whereas open spaces prompt open minds. Also be aware that if your belongings dominate the space, it will still appear to be your house. De-cluttering a space will depersonalize it, helping your buyer to imagine it as his or her own.

Spacious kitchens make for smiling buyers

The kitchen is the heart of the home; a space that buyers like to imagine themselves in as they inspect your property. By creating ample space in the kitchen you can present it at its best. Once you’ve removed all the clutter from the bench tops, clean every surface. This includes counter tops, walls, cupboards, and fridge doors. Creating a glossy shine across all surfaces will radiate a ‘this space is hygienic’ effect—something all buyers love.

Put a desk in your study, not a juke box

If you’ve been using a spare space for alternative purposes (home gym, disco room, or other), it can be difficult for a buyer to imagine the room in its original condition. For this reason, it’s best to remove items that may alter the use of a room and distract buyers, such as boxes in guest rooms or gym equipment in the lounge. When a potential buyer enters a space, the function of that space needs to be clearly evident. If your study currently houses a jukebox, your buyer may leave quite confused. This isn’t what you want.

Don’t throw everything in the cupboards

While it may be tempting, try to avoid stuffing closets to the brim. As you probably know yourself when you inspected your own home, buyers often check these areas to see if storage is an issue. Where you can, try to leave space in your cupboards. Even if their contents are tidy, buyers will want them to feel spacious, allowing them to picture their own possessions inside.

Consider a storage unit

If you’re lucky enough to have friends and family willing to help you out, utilize their garages and cupboards for the duration of your sale. If this is not an option, consider taking advantage of a local storage facility. Space is a premium feature that many homebuyers desire, it’s important to make sure your home has plenty.

Make a start, even if it’s small

Clutter does not arrive in your home all at once, nor will it leave in an instantaneous fashion. To avoid becoming over-whelmed, try working on one space or room at a time. By chipping away at your clutter bit by bit, the process won’t seem as toilsome, and you’ll be less likely to give in.

Whether you’re a serious hoarder, or your clutter is more contained, it’s important to show your house to potential buyers at its very best. We hope these tips can help you to de-clutter your home and, in turn, maximize your profit.

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