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Buyers taking advice from agents

12 November, 2019 / Category: Blog

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Only just last week, we had a potential client tell us that they didn’t feel the need to engage in our services because they had spoken to a friend of theirs. Unsurprisingly, their friend was a real estate agent who had advised them they didn’t need us. In their exact words, our services wouldn’t be adding much value to what she could do on her own or with their help as a real estate agent.

Although our industry, specifically the buying side, is still in its infancy in Australia; there is an increasing need for buyer representation. No two investment or buying journeys are the same, and an in-depth level of expertise and care is invaluable when a buyer is engaging in one of the biggest transactions they will likely ever undertake in their lives. Yet, more often than not, the average buyer is utilising advice from friends and family that is not applicable or relevant to their journey or worse, they’re going at it alone even though the other side has expert representation.

Additionally, this brings up another pervasive myth hindering the evolution of our industry – that all property advisors are the same and advise the same to all their clients. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially in the case of the team at Infolio.

Much like you would find in any category or industry or just as you would find with selling agents, there will always come the good agents with the bad. There will always be similarities within the buying process as we work with you but for a real estate agent to suggest to a buyer that they don’t need our services, is self-serving. Real estate agents act for the vendor, and as such, their advice will always have an agenda. They are legally required to look after one party, and as the buyer – that is not usually you.

Ultimately, this kind of advice denigrates the value, knowledge base and leverage a buyer ascertains when they have property advocates like Infolio backing them. Our long-held ethics, experience and success meeting the needs of thousands of clients across Australia speaks for itself. Ask yourself, would you walk into arbitration without the best lawyer representing you? Or would you take the opposing counsel’s clerk’s advice?

Read our blog on what really matters when choosing your property advocate or get in touch with us now to find out how we can really add value to your property journey.

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