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You would never sell your home without first appointing a real estate agent, so it makes sense that you would also use a professional when buying. Having an Infolio buyers agent Melbourne by your side when purchasing a home means more opportunity, greater research capabilities, and better results. When we buy property for our clients, we follow a unique and rigorous review process to ensure that each property meets our strict purchasing criteria as well as all of your needs. When you choose Infolio, you’re choosing the buyers agent Melbourne trusts for local property market knowledge.

Support from start to finish

With an Infolio buyers agent Melbourne, you don’t just get an individual; you get an entire team dedicated to your brief who will help you through the whole process of buying a property. You can seek the advice of your agents from the moment you begin to research property in Australia. We can help you to determine the best places to start looking, saving you an enormous amount of time when scouting for houses. We can negotiate on your behalf, attend house inspections, meet with a real estate agent, and give you expert advice and market assessments.

Access to off-market properties

When you engage a buyers agent Melbourne, you gain access to properties even before they hit the market. With 90% of the properties advertised unlikely to be what you’re looking for, we are committed to only showing you the A Grade properties that suit your needs. We don’t just rely on what’s online either. In fact, 50% of the Melbourne properties purchased throughout 2016 were completely off-market. Your Infolio buyers agent in Melbourne has established networks, local contacts and access to ‘silent’ or ‘off-market’ listings.

Local market experts

We are proud to have a strong local knowledge, with the Infolio team calling Melbourne home and possessing an extensive understanding of the surrounding suburbs. We have decades of combined property experience, which ensures you are paired with agents who provide services of the highest standard and deliver on their promises. We’ve worked with many different home buyers all over Melbourne who are looking for all types of properties, at every life stage.

Helping you choose profitable options

A buyers agent Melbourne has the experience to know which of the properties available on the market is more profitable than others. We understand all the important aspects that make a home a safe investment, including its location. If you’re uncertain about the site or type of property you wish to buy, you can seek advice from your agent. Contact an Infolio buyers agent in Melbourne today to find out how we can help you make more informed property decisions.

Infolio buying process

  • 1 Free consultation

    Initial free 45 minute consultation

  • 2 Detailed brief

    Discuss brief in detail and define budget

  • 3 Search + refine

    We begin researching and searching for properties

  • 4 Shortlist, evaluate + negotiate

    We commence tours (as many as it takes)

  • 5 Purchase + settlement

    Buyer selects their ideal property and we bid or negotiate on your behalf to secure it

Buying services

Here's a very brief overview of our services.

Auction bidding only

You find the property, we inspect it, provide an analysis report and then bid on your behalf.

Auction bidding & negotiation only

You find the property, we inspect it, provide an analysis report, then negotiate and bid on your behalf.

Full service

You supply the brief, we find properties, inspect the properties, provide analysis report, then negotiate and bid on your behalf.

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