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Nightmare of moving

22 August, 2014 / Category: Blog

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From exciting to exhausting, and all things in-between: moving home can feel like an emotional rollercoaster. It doesn’t take long for the thrill of the find to turn into dread of the packing and hauling that comes with it. Follow Infolio’s commandments of moving and you’re in for a smooth ride:

Ripe for the packing:

A sea of cardboard, packing foam and newspaper…moving sure gets messy. While you think you’ll remember where you’ve stashed the salt and pepper shakers, it pays to keep things simple and straightforward amidst the mayhem:

Lump your loose items together in colour-coded/labelled boxes that clearly display which room of the house they belong in. Keeping your kitchen and laundry items in the one place is a sure fire way to getting your family back in the swing of things post-move in.

Keep important things with you – treat your move as you would a long-haul flight, and keep your most important or precious items at your side for safekeeping. This includes any vital paperwork…!

Mind the mirror!

Beds, tables and chairs, oh my: chances are you’ll need an extra set of hands, and wheels, to get this show on the road:

Hiring a removalist is usually the best way to go, especially when time’s a ticking and you’ve got a fair bit of distance to cover. While it’s easy to get caught up in the immediate expenses of moving, the money you spend on hiring a professional will save you in fuel costs, vehicle hire, packing time and physio bills. If you’re going with a pro, make sure you shop around for more than the best price: Keep an eye out for any hidden or additional costs that may be tacked on to their hourly rate, such as fees for packing services or insurances.

For smaller, closer moves, you might find it easier and cheaper to DIY. Many urban service/petrol stations have trailers for hire by the hour, a flexible, cost-effective solution for those quick yet bulky moves. Many of the larger hardware stores also hire utes for a reasonable daily rate. As you would in any rental vehicle scenario, ensure you keep a keen eye on those t’s and c’s, in addition to cross checking the condition report and insurance notes. Not surprisingly, there are just as many dings as there are ‘dangs!’ in the slapstick comedy that is moving house.

If you find yourself in something of a property limbo, look into hiring a ‘taxi box’: simply pack your wares into a shipping container-sized box that’s delivered to your home, and wave goodbye as it’s hauled off to a storage facility for safekeeping. When you’re ready, the container is delivered to your new address for you to unload.

There’s lots to do, no doubt about it! Our moving checklist should help you on your way:

  • Disconnect your utilities – some companies offer a utility redirection service, allowing you to stay with your current provider and fulfil any ongoing plans/contracts you may have in place.
  • Spread the word – redirect your mail and notify those near and far of your recent change of address.
  • A new direction – cancel/redirect subscriptions including newspapers and any home deliveries for the likes of groceries/wine.
  • Get insured – ensure there are no gaps in insurance from your current home to your new home, so your possessions and the properties that house them are protected from the moment your key turns the latch.
  • Don’t forget Fido! – ensure your pet’s microchips and tags reflect your new contact details.

Whether you’re movin’ on up, or just down the road, taking the time to put a plan in place before you move will help ease the burden in the midst of what can be a physically and emotionally exhausting time. At Infolio, we’re with you for the ride: if you’re contemplating a change of address, get in touch with one of our agents today for a comprehensive rundown of properties available to suit your needs.

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