Managing with Infolio

Managing with Infolio

Property Management Services in Melbourne

As a purpose-built property firm, we specialise in the property management of Melbourne homes and investments. Experienced in the Melbourne real estate market, we understand how competitive the rental space can be, especially in the suburbs close to the CBD such as Elwood, Brighton, Albert Park, Middle Park and South Melbourne. Wherever your property might be, our property managers will strive to achieve the highest possible return on your investment property.

A team of expert property managers

With Infolio, your property is managed by a team of expert Melbourne property managers. Our team includes a New Business Manager, Leasing Manager and Senior Property Manager, who are each focused only on what they do best. We work collaboratively to deliver a more efficient and effective service, better results, and stronger support at each touch point. The success and strength of our property management Melbourne service is due in part to the experience and commitment our team bring to effectively managing your investment. With Infolio, you can protect your investment and ensure that your property is in the right hands.

Securing the right tenants

There is a significant amount of work involved in managing a property. Infolio can take care of all the important responsibilities on your behalf, including sourcing the best possible tenants. We believe in careful and in-depth property screening to find exemplary tenants for your investment. Our property managers take the time to find tenants who will care for your property and ensure your most important investment remains our top priority at all times. Experience our unique, personalised service as a valued client of Infolio property management Melbourne.

Timely and accurate communication

For the duration of the tenancy, we are proactive in dealing with any issues that arise, ensuring both the tenants and your property are well looked after. We’ll also act on your behalf to protect you from liabilities other than your obligations, as stated within the lease agreement. As part of our relationship with investors and tenants, our services include timely and accurate communication of information about the state of your property; relaying any tenant enquiries as well as regularly updating you on the progress of your property investment plan.

The Infolio difference

We know property inside and out, and applying our thorough process pays off. Here’s a quick outline of some of our results:

  • Our vacancy rate is less than 1%
  • Our tenants stay an average of 2 years
  • Our properties are leased 12 days faster than the market average
  • Our rent costs are above market average

Speak to us today to find out how we can help you make the most of your investment.

Our process as property managers

  • 1 Free consultation

    Meet with our New Business Manager to discuss your needs

  • 2 Detailed proposal

    New Business Manager provides you with a written proposal. To which, an authority and written instructions are generated

  • 3 Approval + leasing handover

    Once formal paperwork is signed you will be handed over to our Leasing Manager

  • 4 Marketing + advertising

    We generate all marketing needs to advertise your property

  • 5 Search + refine

    We co-ordinate and conduct OFIs and private viewings. And then screen thoroughly to find the best possible tenants

  • 6 Secure + manage

    We then secure the lease and fully manage your property

Property management services and fees

Our professional fees are made up of an initial letting fee, on-going property management fee and advertising fees – all of which are customised to your brief. Here’s a very quick overview of our services.

Take over

We take over from an existing agent, where the property already has a tenant

Letting only

We will find a tenant for you, but you choose to manage the property

Fully furnished

We lease, manage or take over a fully furnished property

Full service

We will advertise, lease and manage your investment property

We offer discounted rates to landlords with multiple properties. Get in touch to find out more!

Integrated client portal

As a landlord, you'll also have 24-hour access to our client portal, which gives you online access to your property manager and enables you to view and download financial statements, including past income, expenditure and monthly rental statements. You'll also be able to access all legal documents, authorities, lease agreement, condition and routine inspection reports, and property photos.


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