About Infolio

We’re Victoria’s best collective of buyer’s advocates, advisors and property managers who love what we do. Opening in 2008 as a purpose-built property firm, our aim has always been to offer buyers the opportunity to make more informed and financially rewarding decisions, as well as offering insight and expertise in all property matters.

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Our Promise

We’re here to help, plain and simple. Therefore, no jargon, no selling, no tricks. Our job is to take the burden out of purchasing and managing properties, to ensure that every decision is made with confidence and intelligence, and that at the end of the day our customers are delighted by their experience with us.

Unlike real estate agents, we don’t operate within a commission percentage structure. This offers you peace of mind that our property advocates Melbourne wide are working for your best interests and not for their own bank accounts. We also strive to have a long-term relationship with our clients, providing assistance over the life cycle of your property portfolio.

At Infolio, we are breaking conventions within the world of property, because we are not real estate agents – we are the property powerhouse on the right side of the buyer.

“We Get You In”

  1. We get you in front of more agents and sellers
  2. We get you into properties that others can’t
  3. We get you into houses that are off the market
  4. We get you in the front door when you’re on the other side of the world, through 360d video walk throughs
  5. We get you into the home of your dreams
  6. We get you into an investment property

What's Our Process

  • 1. Sign authority agreement

    Complete Authority Agreement, Purchasing Criteria & Power Of Attorney

  • 2. Welcome email

    Introduction to team

  • 3. Customise a plan

    Become familiar with brief and budget

  • 4. Target properties

    Electronic direct mail and agent relationships Test properties to further understand your brief

  • 5. Weekly communications

    Weekly call & weekly property summary

  • 6. Property tour

    (If required)

  • 7. Individual property inspection

    (If required)

  • 8. Meeting 7 weeks post sign up

    To realign expectations if required and identify issues in the property search

Select a Property
  • 9. Complete due dilligence

    Property report, Rental appraisal, Contract check & Building and pest inspection (If required)

  • 10. Start Negotiations


    Bid at auction

Purchase Property Miss Property
  • 11. Exchange contacts

    Connect financer and conveyancer Introduction to Property Management Team (If required)

  • 12. Arrange pre-settlement inspection

    Building surveyor (If required)

  • 13. Settlement

  • Repeat property search process


Our Values

We leave nothing to chance and we’re happy when our buyers are happy. We strive to maintain a personal relationship with every one of our clients and pride ourselves on the way we conduct our process in a methodical, but personal way.

Property is the most significant investment you’ll ever make, and with decades of collective experience, we truly understand that it can be an emotional process whether selling or buying.

We follow a rigorous bespoke process to ensure that your experience with us is never a gamble. From your first interaction with us to your last, you’re supported every step of the way.

What Are Our Values

  1. We Never Fall In Love

    We let property go, as we focus on the actual value rather than the emotional value. We focus on the house, so you can fall in love with the home.
  2. Seriously Methodical

    We don’t believe in luck. Our knowledge is power and we use it to buy the best on the market. Our processes provide certainty and allow us to always get it right.
  3. No Selling

    We look out for the buyer first and only. We advise, we don’t sell. And we provide complete transparency of our practices and process throughout the entire journey.

Meet the team

Lauren Staley

Managing Director

An award-winning licensed estate agent with expertise in buyer advocacy and property management, and a regular on Sky News. Lauren’s intricate local and global market knowledge, and analytical approach offers a distinct advantage.
Jobe Watson


Initially an Infolio client, Jobe became captivated by our unique skills, values and ethics which lead to a further personal and professional investment. Jobe’s previous advisory experience strong business network, values & culture beliefs make him a trusted advisor.
Nicole Hiddlestone

Head of Property Management

Nicole is a Licensed Estate Agent with 15 years of experience heading up property management departments. Nicole has skills that include, highly specialised project management, mass marketing and project leasing, she has skills in Human Resources, team building and collaborating.
Kira Edelstein

EA to Lauren Staley

Kira is currently studying a Bachelor of Property of Real Estate and Law. Her passion for property, together with her previous experience in administration within the real estate sector makes her the perfect fit for the buyer advocacy team.
Krista De Luca

Account Management

Krista has close to 16 years of experience in finance, strategy, operations, and HR. Krista started her career at KPMG Audit and Advisory, venturing into corporate accounting in ASX listed Property and FTSE listed UK Property Corporates. Krista has vast experience across financial strategy, structure, process improvement, business scaling and advisory.
Grace Stewart

Buyer's Advocate

Grace comes to Infolio with a background in Real Estate and Property Development. With knowledge of the property market, 8 years experience in customer service and fantastic communication skills, Grace is the perfect asset to the Infolio Buyers Advocacy Team.
Andy Restein

Buyers Advocate

With more than 10 years under his belt of buying, renovating and flipping properties, Andy joins the team as an experienced property investor. With an avid interest in the housing market and unparalleled negotiation skills, Andy’s speciality lies in future proofing homes, for both short and long term gain.
Kathy Hodge

Buyers Advocate

Kathy comes to Infolio with as an experienced estate agent. With extensive knowledge of the property market and 7 years’ experience in sales provides Kathy with a competitive advantage against the rest. Providing her an opportunity to assist to her clients to understand the other side of negotiations.
Tristan Utting

Buyers Advocate

Tristan comes to Infolio with previous experience as a Sales Agent. Tristan also has over 10 years’ experience in the finance industry providing him a key competitive advantage and making him the perfect fit for the Buyers Advocacy Team.
Chris Gray

Buyers Advocate – Sydney

Chris started investing in property at 22, semi-retired from Deloitte at the age of 31 and now owns over $15m in his personal portfolio. He has been the host of Your Property Empire on Sky News Business Channel for over 10 years and was previously the Financial Judge on Channel 10’s The Renovators.
Ellen Williams

Project Consultant

Ellen brings to Infolio a passion for property and design. With a long family history in the Real Estate Sector and a background in building and renovating her own homes, she is the Infolio Team Member to make sure your property projects are covered. Training in Interior Styling, a keen eye for detail and outstanding Customer Service makes Ellen a perfect fit to work with both Infolio’s Advocacy and Property Management Teams.
Teneal Port

Senior Property Manager

Teneal comes to Infolio with 6 years experience in the industry as a property manager. Teneal is a proactive communicator and provides outstanding customer service. This skill set makes Teneal the perfect asset to Infolio’s property management team.
Lee Broughton

Leasing Consultant

Lee is a proactive, responsive and positive property professional. With experience across both residential sales and leasing, Lee possesses a strong commitment to clients and ensures a smooth transition in securing the best tenancies for our clients investment. Consistently providing excellent service, Lee is an asset to Infolio Property Team.
Lily Mithen

Agent Liaison – Team Staley / Stewart

Lily comes to Infolio with a passion and enthusiasm for property unmatched by many others. Her attention to detail, excellent communication skills and proactive approach ensures she provides a high quality service to her clients and makes her a valuable member at Infolio.
Katherine Williams

Property Manager

Kat comes to Infolio with proficient retail, design and customer service experience. Her friendly demeanour and passion for property and design, makes her the perfectly suited for our team as Infolio’s Property Management Team.
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