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  • The Infolio difference

    The Infolio buyer’s advocate difference

    Choosing the right buyer’s advocate can take a lot of the stress out of the property purchase process. They have the potential to save you a lot of money, and match you with the right home faster and with much less hassle.

    No two buyer’s advocates are the same, and when choosing a buyer’s advocate in Melbourne, there are some very important questions we recommend asking:

    • First and foremost, how extensive is the experience of the buyer’s agent? How long have they been in the industry?
    • Is the business a one-man operation?
    • What qualifications are held by the agent?
    • Past successes – can the buyer’s agent provide you with testimonials from previous clients, and figures from (recent) purchases?
    • How well do they know the area you’re looking to buy in?
    • Are they well-connected with real estate agents in the area?

    We believe we’re Melbourne’s best buyer’s advocates in Elwood, Brighton, Albert Park, South Melbourne, Middle Park, and throughout the rest of Melbourne. We began in 2008, identifying a genuine need for the public to be better informed, from buyers and sellers to renovators and those needing help with property management. As well as offering insight and expertise in property concerns, our buyer’s agents are often able to bypass the open market, allowing our clients to secure or sell property with a minimum of fuss and avoid the stress of going to auction.

    At Infolio, we pride ourselves on being the most up-to-date with all things relating to real estate, such as suburb trends, the ever-changing legislations associated with property, and the latest figures. To keep you as well-informed as possible, we offer a free weekly newsletter. Subscribe via our contact page.

    Our expertise stretches across many suburbs of Melbourne, including:

    • South Melbourne
    • Elwood
    • Brighton
    • Albert Park
    • Middle Park
    • And many more…

    Talk to us today about how we can help you.

    About Infolio

    What we do

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      Find and secure your ideal property sooner

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      Sell with less stress, more buyers and for a better price

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      Expert protection for your investment

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      More on offer for both leasers and tenants

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      Ensure you get more from your reno


    Meet the team

    Lauren Staley

    Lauren Staley

    Managing Director

    An award-winning licensed estate agent with expertise in buyer advocacy and property management, and a regular on Sky News. Lauren’s intricate local and global market knowledge, and analytical approach offers a distinct advantage.

    Effie Kiriakakis

    Effie Kiriakakis

    Partner / General Manager

    Passionate about real estate and being hands-on, Effie dedicates her time to managing staff and working closely with clients. Her expertise includes project management, customer relations and resource development.

    Victoria Whittaker

    Victoria Whittaker

    Buyer's Advocate

    Originally from the UK, where she built a successful (and still thriving) letting company from scratch, Victoria has over a decade of experience in sales and property management. She is a passionate and experienced advocate.

    Jobe Watson

    Jobe Watson


    After engaging Infolio as a client Jobe became captivated by Infolio’s unique purchasing skills and subsequently joined our team. Jobe comes to us with previous advisory experience and a great new business network.

    Hamish Macarthur Clyde

    Hamish Macarthur Clyde

    New Business Manager

    Previously Nominated for Best 1st year property Manager, Hamish comes to Infolio with years of experience in property management excelling in his ability to communicate with his clients.

    Vicky Parkinson

    Vicky Parkinson

    Senior Property Manager

    Originally from the UK, Vicky’s passion for property started at the age of 16. Now with over seven years’ experience, Vicky’s enthusiasm for property remains strong in her role as a Senior Property Manager.

    Jesse Fortune

    Jesse Fortune

    Leasing Manager

    Jesse comes to Infolio with a passion for property, particularly in leasing. Studying Property and Construction at Deakin University, Jesse combines his knowledge, passion for real estate and communication skills to ensure a smooth transaction between tenancies occurs for your property.

    Gulgun McAskell

    Gulgun McAskell

    Financial Controller

    Past experience at major corporations working with key stakeholders, coupled with Gulgun’s diligent attention to detail, give you the security of knowing your property is in very safe hands.

    Maisae Lattouf

    Maisae Lattouf

    Executive Assistant to Lauren Staley

    With years of administrative experience in real estate and a passion for customer service, Maisae will welcome you with a warm smile and efficiently assist you in every way.

    Kelly Hawkridge

    Kelly Hawkridge

    Reception / Trust Account Assistant

    Kelly has a passion for the property leasing industry, backed by more than 7 year’s experience in leasing negotiations. She works tirelessly with clients to make the transition between properties seamless and pain free.

    What our clients are saying

    From buyers to landlords, we love them all. And we're told the feeling is mutual.