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Why You Should Hire for Attitude

3 March, 2017 / Category: News

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The success of a business in any industry depends a great deal on the people within it, and it goes both ways. In other words, staff are often the biggest source of pride, stress, satisfaction, disappointment and all manner of other emotions for business owners. Finding the perfect mix can take plenty of time and energy, but it’s a necessary endeavour: when you have the right team, your business reaps the benefits.

One difficulty many businesses face is a lack of budget and reputation. For industry heavyweights, they can lure the most sought-after professionals with a big salary and plenty of benefits. For businesses on the other end of the scale, it isn’t always feasible to hire the ideal candidate. In these cases, you might be forced to settle for someone with less experience. Because there is no quick solution to this problem, your recruitment strategy needs to scale slowly as your business grows, allowing you to expand your workforce and hire staff with more extensive skillsets.

But when do you pull the pin and settle for less, and when do you hold out for more financial legroom? How can you make sure you always hire the right person for the job and build a productive team? It’s almost impossible to be completely sure that a candidate will excel in a given position. Sometimes, an excellent CV and impressive interview doesn’t reveal the fact that they just don’t fit the culture of your workplace.

With all this considered, the key to finding the right staff is hiring for attitude. Why? Because you can’t train attitude. You could have a team filled with experts who are the best in their respective fields, but it won’t count for much if none of them gel with you or each other. No amount of birthday drinks, social events or fancy retreats will address the issue.

It’s important to remember that this isn’t about being best friends. It’s about employing a mix of people who create the right workplace culture – one where they can find success for themselves and for your business.

During the interviewing process, try meeting with your top candidates two or even three times to get a better idea of how they fit your workplace. The one with the right attitude is often the better choice, even if they offer a little less on paper. From there, you can focus on providing a detailed induction, setting clear goals and KPIs, and leading by example. This helps create clear expectations for all involved.

By hiring for attitude and filling in the gaps later, you’ll notice the value of this advice. If a recruit has the right attitude, training becomes a breeze. With the right systems and procedures in place, you can smoothly guide them into the role and foster their growth over time. If they aren’t the right fit, you won’t have the same luxury.

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