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Why It’s Hard To Secure Peninsula Property

10 November, 2020 / Category: Mornington Peninsula

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While demand on Mornington Peninsula property has always been strong, Covid-19 has unleashed a wave of growth in the area. People have had time to adjust to different working conditions and assess priorities and life and family are coming out on top. Add historically low interest rates to the mix and that tree or sea change becomes even more enticing.

But, how can you secure a property when supply doesn’t meet demand? 

The short answer is you need a Buyers Advocate who knows the area and has close connections to local agents. 

Here’s why:

We give you access. 

The off-market opportunities on the Mornington Peninsula are substantial – expect to see twice as many properties than you would alone. Timing is also crucial. The combination of high demand and ‘Covid-instability’ sees early offers made and accepted. You’ll find out about off-market opportunities as they arise.

We save you time.

Expect to secure your Peninsula property in a quarter of the time it would take independently. On average, we help our clients purchase within three months. We also pre-inspect so you don’t waste time on properties that aren’t perfect. Independently, you should expect to spend the next year making the weekend commute to open houses. 

We’ll stop you overspending.

We help you understand the true market value of a property – something that can be misconstrued when demand for the area is high. You’ll have confidence you’re getting the most for your budget and making a smart investment. 

We protect you from buying emotionally.

We make sure your ‘feeling’ about a property doesn’t cloud your judgement. We assess true value and point out when a polished appearance is disguising substandard building, or a poorly considered layout. 

Recent property acquisition in Rye.

Recent property acquisition in Rye.

At Infolio, our highest priority is to protect you from poor property decisions. Unlike real estate agents, we don’t operate within a commission percentage structure, which means you can be assured that your best interests are our focus. 

Our Mornington Peninsula-based Buyers Advocates are both expert and experienced in the local real estate market, with the right connections to the best selling agents. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you find your perfect Peninsula home. 

Contact us to find out how we can help.

Andy Restein | Mornington Peninsula Buyer’s Advocate

M 0422 015 786

E  andyr@infolio.com.au

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