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Tips to maximise your property’s appeal

29 August, 2014 / Category: Blog

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Home is where the heart is – or at least you think that’s where you left it, amongst the overflowing laundry baskets, unwashed dishes and cluttered cupboards. While most of us forgive our homes for their character flaws, first impressions are all too easily formed when potential buyers come a knockin’. Here’s how to amp up your property’s appeal come inspection time:

Keep it clean – life’s little messes are never far away, nor are those that cause them! Get the whole family on board for a big clean-a-thon and rid your home from mould, mildew, cobwebs, dust and any nasty smells.

As anyone with a sporting hobby will tell you, storage sells, so be sure to tidy your home from top to bottom to showcase just how sufficient your storage situation is. Remember that potential buyers are curious to know what makes your house tick, and will be looking everywhere: ensure your clothes are folded carefully in cupboards, and pantry items are stored in an orderly fashion.

Take care of business – over the years, we tend to let the odd jobs build up, but now’s the time to hop to it: fix up any dents in the plaster, replace those broken tiles and give the garden a thorough once over to give potential buyers a spotless impression from the moment they enter the front gate.

Let the sunshine in – don’t leave potential buyers in the dark! Draw back those curtains, rig up those blinds, and see your home in a new light. Your home will look bright, friendly and welcoming: just as nature intended.

Set the scene – by staging an idyllic, tranquil home-life, you’re encouraging buyers to envision the wonderful life they too could be living if they bought their way into your shoes.

Even if a (well-deserved) takeaway dinner is on the menu for your family that evening, set the dining table as best you can to create a feeling of grandeur. Fresh hand soap and towels in the bathrooms and a new mat at the front door go a long way to livening up a well-worn space. A beautifully scented candle here, and well-placed vase of flowers there: it truly is the little touches that make a house feel like a home.

An air of mystery – while it’s important to show buyers that your house is indeed a liveable home, they need to be able to see beyond your personal footprint on your living environment and envision it as their own.

During inspection times, keep personal trinkets, family photos, sporting memorabilia and, of course, valuables, locked away. Similarly, leave a little to their imagination by keeping toiletries, medicines, laundry and paperwork off-premises for the duration.

Some like it hot – or at the very least, pleasantly warm! If it’s cold outside, turn your home into a warm, comfortable haven, and in summer months, a cool, tranquil oasis. Potential buyers will be more inclined to stick around for longer, not to mention associate your home with all things comfortable and welcoming.

Bare necessities – create the illusion of a spacious retreat by removing a piece of furniture from each room. The illusion of a few extra square feet and an uninterrupted flow between rooms is sure to impress. And while you’re at it, take down dreary drapes and roll up those rugs in favour of bare windows and floorboards to make a room appear instantly brighter.

There are many magic tricks in real estate, none more so bewitching than the ability to transform a well-worn house into an inviting, tranquil home that impresses the pants off of potential buyers. If you’re contemplating a change of address, drop Infolio a line today. Our agents are skilled in making the most of your home to create an environment that sells.

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