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The Zen Den

12 September, 2018 / Category: News

The Zen Den banner image

That’s what we practice at Infolio Property Advisors. It’s fair to say that each of our advocates and property managers have full diaries, what with private property viewings, busy leasing schedules and agent reconnaissance meetings in any day. We’re busy and we’re focused on achieving outstanding investment outcomes for our clients. Naturally, this takes considerable mental and physical energy.

It’s unrealistic to think that days packed-full of demanding real estate work won’t impact upon levels of energy and capacity to focus. Whether you’re an estate agent, a lawyer, a consultant or a doctor – having designated periods of calm built into your workday enhances performance and concentration, reduces levels of cortisol and makes us more pleasant human  beings all-round. Nobody wants to reach breaking point or overwork: it’s bad for employers and employees both, leading to overwork and relentless cycles of recruitment that take up bandwith better spent on serving your clients. At Infolio, we have a culture where life-balance is paramount. Stellar advocacy and property management only comes from a well-rested and content team.

calm is a super power inspirational picture

That’s why we’re proud to present the Infolio Zen Den. That’s right – we’re so focused on life-balance and practising zen real estate that we’ve created a purpose-built space at Infolio HQ in collaboration with Kristel Marshall from Joy Design. A bespoke yoga studio and chill zone, team Infolio will use this considered space during their day to reconnect, refocus and recharge.

stylish books and table

Used for meditation and mindfulness, yoga and massage, the Infolio Zen Den is a place for our staff to go when they need time out. As you may imagine, a day of hardcore negotiations and ensuring our clients get the best property for the right price can be stress-inducing. Negotiations are as much about the spaces taken between conversations with agents and their vendors as they are about bidding robustly or having firm discussions about price and contract conditions. The Zen Den is a physical representation of the breathing space and quiet so key to a great negotiation – it’s in the silences that a vendor will make their decision to meet the market.

sparse room decorated with benches

Next time you’re at Infolio HQ, ask to visit our beautiful zen den, a cool and relaxing space replete with bean bags, yoga mats and soft couches. Our only rule? It’s a no-phone zone, for both the Infolio team and our clients!

Feel like you could do with a little bit of the Infolio Zen Den’s epic calm right this moment? We recommend you download one of our favourite meditation apps to bring focus to the moment (our vendors and buyers sometimes use the SOS meditations prior to auctions)! We suggest Headspace for incredible guided and traditional meditations, Calm for atmospheric soundscapes or Patronus for inspiration.

Photography: Stephanie Rooney

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