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The importance of floor plans

13 March, 2015 / Category: Blog

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So you’ve decided to sell your home. You’ve hired an agent, you’ve de-cluttered all rooms, and you’ve commissioned a collection of professional photos to exhibit the best of the space. You’re on the right track, but there is one important thing that you could be forgetting. In today’s market, if you’re thinking about selling your home without distributing its floor plan, it might be wise to think again. Just as important to your property’s marketing package as fancy photos, and enticing textual descriptions, floor plans can make or break the successful sale of your home. Infolio are here to tell you why.

Floor plans give perspective  

Where photographs are picturesque, floor plans are to the point. Far from a dull stencil of the home’s shape and size, floor plans give the prospective buyer a true sense of the space that’s available within your home’s four (or more) walls. At a glance, buyers are able to assess whether or not the home’s dimensions are suited to their needs.

Floor plans paint a picture

You don’t need detailed photographs filled with stylish furniture to pique a buyer’s imagination. When done correctly, a floor plan can communicate whether or not the home will be right for the potential buyer in the years to come. Are there two spare rooms down the hall for when it’s time to start a family? That are close enough to the master bedroom and far enough from the road? A floor plan will let buyers know, without the need for multiple inspections.

Floor plans provide a reality check

If a buyer is serious about buying your home, the floor plan will give them a good sense of what belongings they can bring with them, and what things they’ll need to leave behind. In situations such as these, the details provided by the floor plan will always outweigh those specified by a photo. For instance, the floor plan will give a clear indication of whether or not the buyer’s Italian armchair will fit in the home’s bay window. This may not be important to you, the seller, but it’s of crucial importance to your future buyer.

Floor plans do not lie 

When inspecting a property, it’s natural for the potential buyer to lapse into a daydream. Walking through the home, they may fixate on pieces of furniture, and the varnishes on trims and fittings. And so, justifiably, the physical fixtures of the home can be easily forgotten once the buyer leaves the open for inspection. Fortunately, your home’s floor plan will act as a reminder of what is most definitely included in the property, and of what will not be there once your potential buyer returns, or eventually moves in.

Floor plans inspire change

There are two reasons why a potential buyer could fall in love with your home. They might fall in love with everything it already is, or they may fall in love with everything it could be. Not only will a floor plan illustrate the current makeup of your home, it might also inspire a little DIY (or professional) renovation. Given its simplicity, as well as its user-friendliness, your floor plan can provide a good indication of what is architecturally possible, and of what might be structurally unsafe. This will allow your potential buyer to envision and plan for any future home improvements he or she may want to make.

While floor plans might not be as important if you’re looking to lease your home, they’re an absolute essential when it comes to your time to sell. Far from a flippant extra to include in your marketing program, a clear and detailed floor plan can often sell your home itself. So important is the floor plan to the potential buyer, research has shown that 1 in 5 people looking to buy will ignore a property advert if no floor plan has been included. In fact, many buyers believe that this extra information is of greater importance than the main images and summary texts published within property brochures. And so, if you have made the decision that it’s time to go to market, do yourself a favour and don’t sell yourself short. Book your agent, arrange your photos, and invest in the inclusion of a well-thought-out floor plan.

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