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Tenant Do’s and Don’t s!

27 February, 2013 / Category: Blog

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DO – be honest on your rental application

DONT – request that the leasing agent meet you after 7pm when you finish work to sign the leases because you are too busy during work hours

DO – come to your appointment on time

DONT – assume we sit in the office all day waiting for your arrival

DO – request maintenance in writing

DONT – demand immediate attention or “you will organise you own trades person” for a non urgent matter

DO – allow our tradespeople access

DONT – complain about delays when you won’t let them in

DO – give the trade’s person permission to access the property with a key

DONT – expect the tradesperson to meet you at 7pm when you have finished work & had your dinner

DO – advise us if you wish to sign a new lease

DONT – abuse us if the landlord doesn’t want to give you one

DO – replace the battery in your smoke detector

DONT – leave the battery on the kitchen bench hoping it will find its way into the device

DO – report water leaks

DONT – tell us the mould and mildew didn’t bother you but know you have a moss farm & snails on your wall that needs attention

DO – open your bathroom window when in the shower

DONT – request the landlord wipe down the condensation from your bathroom walls after you have had your shower

DO – request Foxtel if you want it

DONT – tell us that failure to connect Foxtel is our problem because “you are paying good rent”

DO – pay your rent on time

DONT – tell us you forgot

DO – report any maintenance that requires attention

DONT – report 16 globes require replacement from when you moved in 4 months ago – um, really, you lived in darkness for 4 months?

DO – water your garden

DONT – expect that it will happen by itself

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