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Styling your home when selling.

17 October, 2014 / Category: Blog

Styling your home when selling. banner image

It’s no secret, that when you’re selling a home, first impressions count. Investing a little time and energy into your property, and ensuring it’s presented in the best light, can go a long way. There’s no doubt that selling your home can also be a stressful exercise. However, with the help of a professional property stylist, preparing your home for a successful sale is easier than you think.

The benefits

If your furnishings are a little out-dated, and your home needs some new life, a stylist’s touch might be just what you need. An experienced stylist will replace your belongings with hired furniture, to give your property that much-needed makeover.

A professional stylist is completely detached from the property, and his or her intention is solely to add as much value to the property as possible. The goal is to make sure the property sells in the time frame of the campaign, and to make sure everyone involved benefits from the sale.

Property styling has become a clever, yet integral part of the marketing campaign for selling a home. When executed correctly, styling can transform a lifeless, empty shell into a warm, inviting, but most importantly, comfortable appealing home. Take a look at any real estate website and you can be sure most homes on the market have already cottoned on.

If you’re not living in the property you’re selling, just remember that when you present a vacant home for sale, the majority of buyers are most likely unable to visualise how that space can be furnished and utilised. Empty spaces can sometimes make your home appear smaller than it actually is. Hired furniture can provide that much needed point of difference for a vacant home, and provide a new perspective for your buyers.

Make sure it sells

When you’re selling a property that’s exactly what you should do, sell it! So ensure your property looks its best, from the beginning of the campaign right through to the signature on the dotted line. With an interior stylist on hand it helps to ensure all online advertising and marketing material, including the photos, catch the attention of prospective buyers from the get go. Truth is, it is an essential part of the process these days, especially when you are looking to obtain a quick sale, and aim to add instant value to your property.

When buyers connect

Ask any buyer why they purchased a particular property and they will probably answer with “we just fell in love, we knew it was the right one – it just felt right!”  Never underestimate the power of a buyer’s emotional connection to a property. Everything they see and feel when they walk into a room counts. Does the buyer feel warm and invited? Does the buyer feel comfortable in the space? Does the buyer feel a connection to the layout and styling? We’ve all experienced that amazing ‘wow’ feeling you get when you enter a beautiful room or see a stunning interior in a design magazine. The same feeling is totally achievable at your own property.

Prospective buyers want to find that special connection to a property, and visualise how their life is going to fit into the big picture. Presenting your property to buyers at its highest potential gives any property seller the opportunity to maximise on the sale. Not only will buyers be eager to inspect the property, the agent will be keen to present your property to their entire client database. Remember, a proud, confident agent who is excited to present your property to their clients, ultimately means more buyers, and better sales results. It’s a win for both parties.

While the best results are achieved through the help of a professional, if you can’t afford it, it’s not so difficult to give it a go yourself. First think about the space you’re selling, and the buyers you’re trying to attract.

Keep in mind that choosing a colour pallet that complements the interior of your property is important. Clean lines and a few art pieces are simple and easy ways to get that instant emotional connection with your buyer. There are also many great local interior magazines, blogspots, websites, and of course Pinterest, to provide with ample inspiration.

If you’re about to sell, get inspired, because these days, there’s another three ‘P’s’ in property. Presentation, presentation, presentation is becoming as important as position, position, position.

Happy styling!

Thierry B


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