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Reasons to Buy Property Before Christmas

25 November, 2016 / Category: News

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As we edge closer to Christmas, many buyer’s property goals are needlessly put on the back-burner.

Social, work and family commitments begin to burgle buyer’s time, making reviewing new listings and attending open for inspections less of a goal and more of a daydream. If you’re thinking of putting your property purchase plans on hold until the New Year, I urge you to stop what you’re doing and read on. The period prior to Christmas presents unique opportunities for well-prepared buyers to purchase property at a significant advantage. Here’s why.

Vendors who haven’t sold their property by Christmas are looking for a result.

Mr and Mrs Jones didn’t put their property on the market to have it moulder away over the quiet holiday period. In fact, the Joneses have a family holiday planned for January, and have left instructions with their selling agent to put forward all offers as rapidly as they roll in. To better service their vendors, the Joneses’ agent has contacted – might our advocates see value in the property? The message to the market is clear: the Joneses are open to negotiation and ready to do business. They’ve been disappointed by a public who haven’t met their expectations on price, and they want to sell before Christmas. All they need is a convincing offer from a prepared, well-represented purchaser. This is a savvy buyer’s time to act decisively!

Infolio Property Advisors offer buyers access to the hidden property market.

Vendors like the Joneses and their selling agents know that costly advertising expenses can be avoided by offering premium property  to trusted advocates ‘off market’. Engaging an advocate at this critical time of year gives buyers the opportunity to purchase select property before it is offered to the public. And it’s not just the Joneses’ agent who are presenting us with great stock. We enjoy trusted advocate status with a large network of Australia’s leading agents, as Infolio client discovered earlier in the year. ‘My Infolio advocate knew all the agents, (and were) on a really friendly first-name basis,’ he says. ‘These weren’t just guys out of a directory.’ Many years in the business certainly comes with its perks – particularly when it comes to accessing off market property.

Competition is waning.

Just as you may be starting to feel that there’s too much going on to persist with your property search in the leadup to Christmas, many of your fellow buyers will drop out of the market as the year draws to a close. This gives committed buyers the opportunity to purchase property under less stress of competition, giving additional weight to any offer they might make. With an Infolio advocate safely guiding your negotiation process, the road to Christmas is suddenly looking much merrier!

Make it a safe bet with Infolio’s unique capital growth model.

Did you know that 43% of our investment clients have been able to purchase a second or third property based on the success of our Sourcing only select properties in suburbs with proven capital growth, our strict purchasing criteria is the key to your investment success. And with approximately fifty percent of Melbourne’s properties sold off-market each year, the ‘secret’ real estate market offers far too much potential for buyers to ignore.

So, there you have it! By gaining access to off-market properties before anyone else can get a look-in, and by utilising Infolio’s detailed knowledge of areas, you could soon be the recipient of a Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

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