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Your trusted property advisor, enhanced by long-term partnerships.

11 September, 2023 / Category: Blog

Your trusted property advisor, enhanced by long-term partnerships. banner image

At Infolio, we offer a comprehensive range of property advisory services. However, our success is only possible with our valued long-term partners, who enable us to excel in what we do best.

Finding the perfect home that suits your needs and is a quality long-term investment requires time, thorough research, knowledge, and expertise. At Infolio, we streamline this process for you. Where we don’t have the in-house expertise, we rely on our exceptional partners to fill in the gaps.

In-house specialists.

Infolio has in-house specialists who can look after all your property transactions, advice and management.

Buyers Advocacy: You provide us with your preferences, and our dedicated buyer’s advocates spring into action. We create a short list of suitable properties, conduct inspections, prepare detailed analysis reports, and negotiate on your behalf. This meticulous process means you save time in searching and inspecting properties that aren’t right, and you save money in increasing your speed to market and exceptional negotiation skills. The average homebuyer typically takes up to a year to find their ideal home. At Infolio, our average is three months.

Vendor Advocacy: Selling your property can be a daunting task, but with an Infolio vendor advocate by your side, we’ll prepare your property for sale, educate you on its value, assess the local market, and select the best real estate agent for your needs. We aim to alleviate the stress of selling your property while securing the highest possible sale price.

Property Management: Infolio specialises in managing your investment properties. Our impressive track record boasts a vacancy rate of less than 1%, with tenants staying an average of two years. Our properties also lease an impressive 12 days faster than the market average, ensuring that your investment is in safe hands.

Property Consulting: If you need help deciding whether to sell, buy, invest, or rent, our property consultation service is tailored to your unique circumstances. We consider current market conditions, future forecasts, and your personal goals to create a bespoke property strategy. It all starts with a complimentary 15-minute discovery call to discuss your goals and determine if we’re the right fit for each other.

Renovation Consultation: Our dedicated Infolio Projects consultants are your indispensable partners for successful property improvements, whether a minor upgrade or a significant renovation. With their extensive experience and network of tradespeople, they’ll manage your project from start to finish, ensuring it stays on time and within budget.

Build-to-Rent & Project Leasing: Infolio brings build-to-rent and investor developments to the rental market. Our Build-to-Rent & Project Leasing Team offers a personalised approach and an end-to-end solution for your project.

Long-term partnerships.

Property acquisition and negotiation involve many intricate details. That’s why we’ve cultivated long-term partnerships with professionals who share our commitment to excellence. Some of our esteemed partners include:

Real Estate Agents: Our trusted relationships with agents across Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, Central Victoria, and Geelong provide us access to off-market properties, a priority place at the negotiation table and inside information about the market and individual properties. They prioritise our clients, knowing they’re pre-screened and ready to make informed decisions.

Finance: Our financial advisors and mortgage brokers help our clients overcome the initial home-buying hurdles. They inform us about relevant government policies that could impact our clients, particularly our investors and ensure our property advice to all clients aligns with current market requirements and future potential changes.

Building and Pest Inspectors: When a property aligns with your criteria, the final due diligence step is a thorough building and pest inspection. These inspections are integral to ensuring a sound long-term investment. Thanks to our enduring relationships with preferred inspectors, we can rely on them even in high-pressure situations.

Tradespeople: With regular callouts to our property management portfolio of over 700 properties, plus our renovation projects, we have access to high-calibre, reliable tradespeople across most trades. With economies of scale across all our services, we can rely on our tradespeople to deliver when needed.

At Infolio, our mission is to get you in, whether buying, selling, renting, investing or renovating. Contact us for a complimentary discovery call to discuss how we can ensure you have a  successful property journey.

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