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How to sell my property in a flat or falling market?

9 June, 2022 / Category: Blog

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How to sell my property in a flat or falling market?

If we could turn back time, I would tell you to put your house on the market last October. Prices were at an all-time high, and buyer activity was competitive. Fast forward to today, where the market is mostly flat, and in some areas or across some property types, prices are falling.

If you have an A-grade fully renovated family home in a good location, you will still fetch a reasonable price for your property if you run the right campaign at the right time.

Now more than ever, the way you sell is intrinsically linked to the sale price you can achieve. Six months ago, you could put a B or C Grade property on the market and be confident it would sell for a top price. These days, you need to be better informed and better prepared.

What if I need to sell?

If you need to sell, there are many things to consider to make sure you get the best price. Engaging with a vendor advocate can assist you in ensuring you make the right decisions upfront and set your property up for success.

The key things a vendors advocate can do for you to ensure you sell your property for the best price possible:

The value of your home. Understanding the actual value of your home is key to setting reasonable price expectations for you and your buyers. Just because a real estate agent tells you your house is worth a specific price doesn’t mean it is worth that much. It pays to have an independent property advisor that can give you an honest appraisal of your house.

The campaign-style: Auction or private sale? On-market or off-market campaign? There are many different ways to sell your property. Selecting the right approach depends on how the market is performing, your personal circumstances, and the type of property you are selling. A good vendors advocate can help you balance your personal priorities with the real estate market’s performance.

How to select the right real estate agent for your property and your area. There are so many real estate agents out there that it’s almost impossible to determine which is the right one for you, your property and your area. This is especially difficult if you are selling your property from another state or country. A vendor’s advocate can assist in recommending the right agent and how much commission to pay them.

How to prepare your property to attract the best possible price. Working out what upgrades and changes you should invest in before selling can be challenging. What will add value to my property, and what will drive more interest or a higher price. A vendors advocate can come into your home and provide you with feedback and insights into what is worth investing in and what isn’t.

A comprehensive marketing campaign. Once you have decided upon a real estate agent, they will propose a series of advertising channels to get people coming to inspect your property. A vendors advocate can ensure that the money you spend on the campaign delivers the best result for your property and that you don’t under or overspend on marketing your property.

Managing sale negotiations. During the sales campaign, one of the most stressful times is the final negotiations with potential buyers. During this time, it helps to have a professional negotiator supporting you to understand your upside or downside to specific terms. A vendor advocate can help alleviate some of the stress by negotiating on your behalf to achieve the best price and terms possible.

Assisting you to buy in the same market that you sold in. If you are planning to buy another property (either upgrade or downsize), once you have sold your property, you will need to move quickly to buy your next property to avoid any market losses. If you can manage to buy and sell in the same market, then any downside you may have from selling now will be made up for with the discounted price of your next property. Most vendor advocates are also buyer’s advocates. We can have a list of potential properties to buy ready to go once you sell your current home so that you can move swiftly and decisively and with minimal stress.

Who should use a vendor advocate?

  • Overseas or interstate vendors
  • Time-poor / busy professionals or family people.
  • Multi-party ownership in need of an external expert
  • Anyone who wants to achieve the best price for their property’s sale.

How much does a vendor advocate cost?

The best part? There are no fees directly payable to Infolio from our clients. We take a small proportion of the real estate agent’s commission so that you won’t be out of pocket.

Infolio’s approach to Vendor advocacy:

  1. Search & Refine: We will do an independent assessment of your home’s value and advise the best method of sale. We will interview two to three of the best suited real estate agents to sell your home.
  2. Shortlist & Negotiate: You select the real estate agent from our recommended shortlist, and we will negotiate the commission, sales strategy and advertising on your behalf.
  3. Manage: Your Infolio vendor advocate will work with you throughout the sales campaign, reviewing interest and offers and providing advice.
  4. Purchase & Settlement: On the day of auction or private sale, we will assist in handling negotiations and providing strategic sales advice.


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