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How to select the right real-estate agent

8 August, 2014 / Category: Blog

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You’ve driven past the billboards, pondered the promises scrawled on the For Sale signs, and seen them live in action in your own neighbourhood. It all seems quite impressive, but amongst the rhetoric, the sea of sharp suits and gleaming smiles, how can you be sure you’re getting the real deal from your real estate agent?

Far from the out-dated stereotypes, quality real estate agents are dedicated professionals who are committed to putting in the hard yards when it comes to securing you the best possible offer and terms of sale for your biggest investment. With the right questions and a little research, selecting the right real estate agent is only a few steps away:

Finger on the pulse:

First thing’s first: seek out an agent that is nuanced in the up to date trends and listings specific to your type of property, and within your local market.

Heritage-listed properties are special indeed, and so are the conditions surrounding their sale. Whether it’s a Victorian terrace or a modern strata apartment, ensure your agent is familiar and experienced in the processes involved in selling your type of property.

A good real estate agent not only understands property, they understand people. If your agent has sold similar properties in your area before, they’ll have ready access to a comprehensive, pre-screened pool of serious buyers who are scouting for properties just like yours. A good agent is skilled in providing the right competitive, pressurised environment in which to draw the most favourable offers. The chances are a few of these buyer-to-be’s are on the rebound from previous unsuccessful bids- auction-fatigue buyers are quicker to accept reasonable sale prices. A quick and easy sale – what’s not to love about that!

In good hands:

You shook hands with the head honcho; however who will you actually be dealing with when your sale swings into action? Before you sign on, ensure your property is in the capable hands of a senior agent who’s skilled and experienced in facilitating inspections, negotiations and auctioneering.

While you wouldn’t want your financial fate left solely in the hands of the office junior, don’t underestimate the importance of competent, switched-on support staff on your road to sealing the deal. Good agents are busy agents, and you’ll value the transparency that an accessible and efficient administrator offers when everyone’s phones are ringing off the hook.

Talk the Talk:

When time comes to showcase your property, how will it be presented, and to whom? Your agent’s marketing and advertising strategies, tools and resources are paramount in ensuring your property gets the positive attention it deserves.

A good agent undertakes market research to determine the most effective channel or medium to reach a specific buying audience, and some of their findings might surprise you: while the internet remains the most popular tool for buyers to seek and compare their properties, the trusty daily rag remains a strong, trusty contender for many demographics, in many a suburb.

When it comes to advertising online, ensure you’re getting the best internet package within your means and that your property features on page 1 of the major sites for as long as your budget allows.

A quality real estate agent knows the importance of honouring the value of your property by showing it in its best light. With an eye for detail and understanding of what sells, they’re skilled at furniture placement, knowing where and when to take promotional photos and determining if vacant possession should be sought and so forth. Take a peek at your prospective agent’s website and note the quality of their promotional photos, and put yourself in a buyer’s position: would they be enough to tempt you to inspect, if the shoe was on the other foot?

Walk the walk:

If you’ve learnt anything from Infolio this blogging season, it’s to keep the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ well and truly in mind when entering into any real estate transaction.

While it’s tempting to compare and eliminate your options based on an agent’s commissions, the ‘cheapest’ agent out there is likely to have the negotiation skills and experience to match! Needless to say, this’ll end up costing you a whole lot more in your sale price than a couple of grand in commission had you gone with a higher quality agent. A skilled agent will make up for the few thousand dollars or more when the whips are cracking at auction or in heated negotiations with the buyer’s advocates.

If all this selling your property hoo-ha seems a bit hot to handle yourself, it probably is. Beyond the billboards, it’s the individual agent and their skills, experience they possess that stands between you and a successful sell. Drop us a line today and book in a free 45 minute consultation to find out for yourself whether we’re the agents for you. At Infolio, we’re here to take the stress of selling well and truly off your plate.

Yours sincerely,


Mark Brilliant,

Buyer’s Advocate


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