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How to add value to your home with landscaping

15 January, 2015 / Category: Blog

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When it comes to adding value to your home, many of us start with the obvious: a fresh lick of paint, a few new fixtures, maybe some new flooring. But when selling your home, interior presentation is not the only key to the success of your sale. If you’re smart about it, investing some time and money into the exterior of your home can make a big difference to your final sale price. Good first impressions count for a lot; great landscaping always helps.

But it’s not all about perfectly trimmed hedges and expensive water features. Today’s generation wants to enjoy their outdoor space, without having to waste hours watering and pruning on their weekends. And so, the key to a profitable exterior design is to create a garden that is low maintenance but also well presented.

Keep it pleasant, but practical

In any home a garden should be aesthetically pleasing, but also functional. This means that there should be room to dry clothes, store bins and park the car. Just as important is providing space to entertain, and an area where the kids can run free and let loose. And while it’s important these practical essentials are at least included, they need to look good too. To save on clutter, you could try a retractable clothesline that is easy to hide. Other unsightly things include rubbish and recycling bins. If you can’t hide these in an alleyway next to your house, try to keep them behind a screen of bamboo, or a tidy fenced off area. Remember, if it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind.

 Clothes line out the back; verandah out the front

A dining area is essential for those of us wanting to live the Australian dream. However, adding in a grand wooden deck can be expensive. As an affordable alternative, you can buy recycled paving bricks from contractors online, potentially saving you a lot of cash (on man hours and materials). If you’re considering installing a seating area, you could also add a shade sail. This will make your entertainment area more visually appealing, and more functional too.

Make sure your grass is always greener

Regardless of the scope of your outdoor area, a lawn is an absolute must for any family, of any size. If you can turf an area as big as 15m2, you should have enough space for the kids to imagine frolicking about, and for the parents to start thinking about signing the deeds! To keep your lawn looking its best, there are a few simple things you can do to make sure your grass is always greener:

  • Mow the lawn to correct height
  • Fertilize the lawn well, using mulch
  • Water it regularly

Make your (flower) beds

Make sure that you fill your flowers beds with plants that are not only easy on the eye, but also easy to take care of. If you select flowers that are beautiful, but also low maintenance and hardy, your garden will be far easier to preserve. If you take a trip to your local market or nursery you should be able to get some tailored advice—depending on your property’s size, and the climate of your location.

Regardless of plants you choose, try to put mulch on top of the garden beds to keep them neat and tidy. Pine bark and eucalyptus mulch are readily available from your local nursery.

Don’t get too formal

While perfectly pruned gardens might appeal to some, it’s best to avoid straight lines and formal hedges if you’re looking to resell. An informal garden is not only more visually appealing; it also requires less maintenance and care. Similarly, extravagant water features tend to require ongoing upkeep, so avoid using these to make sure you don’t put potential buyers off.

Landscape lighting, it’s a thing

Though it may not appear to be an obvious choice, it’s good to consider adding a little landscape lighting. It can transform your daytime play area into a zone for evening entertaining. When positioning these features, you may choose to highlight your favourite flowers, or light the path that your guests will follow as they walk into your soiree. Landscape lighting will also deter any potential intruders who enjoy lurking in the dark.

To sink or swim

Contrary to popular belief, a pool won’t necessarily add further value to your home. In fact, a lot of families with small children may actually view a swimming pool as a dangerous and expensive extra that they’ll have to maintain. Such features may even put some people off making an offer on your home. So think before you swim, it will give you the best chance at a rosy profit.

Consider going pro

If you consider yourself a creative type, redesigning your backyard might be a job that you can manage on your own. But for those who aren’t blessed with a green thumb, experienced landscapers can utilise a balance of construction as well as plant materials to increase the value of your home. But whether you use your weekends to craft your oasis, or you hire expert help, it’s important to do your research and be sure to plan ahead. Landscaping has the potential to become one of the key selling points of your home, so make sure you get it right.

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