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DIY vs professional removalists – pros and cons

9 January, 2015 / Category: Blog

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If you have ever endured a major move, you know how much work is actually involved. Between the boxes, and the bubble wrap, and the dismantled furniture, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. In all things property focused, the DIY option is usually taken in a bid to save some dollars. But when it comes to moving house there are some other costs you’ll need to consider if you’re trying to prepare your house yourself. While the professional removalist is the obvious expense, have you budgeted for everything else? To make sure you know what you’re in for, Infolio have put together a few things to consider if you’re thinking about a DIY move.    

Time is money

Those boxes aren’t going to pack themselves. Packing, loading, hauling, unloading and then unpacking all of your possessions yourself takes a considerable amount of time, not to mention effort. And when you factor in the cost of boxes, bubble wrap, and masking tape, things can add up fast.

But it’s not only packing that is time consuming. Unless you drive a truck, your car probably won’t be big enough to accommodate your move. This means you’re going to have to hire a van, yet another factor you’ll have to research and arrange. Additional details such as transferring your phone account and other utilities are also tasks that don’t seem difficult, but can waste hours (and even days) if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Most people do not have the time, patience or know-how to handle the countless miniature details involved in a larger move.

Damaged goods

Unless you’ve had practice, it can be tricky to manoeuvre larger furniture items, especially up and down stairs, or around tight hallways and bends. Household removal is fraught with the potential for damage, and if you’re a self-mover, the damages are all on you. If you put a hole in the wall, or scratch an antique cabinet, you’ll have to find the funds for the cost of the repair (funds that may exceed the cost of hiring a pro). But damages to the property, and to your back pocket, aren’t the only gamble. There is also a risk of seriously injuring yourself during the moving process. Do you really want to compromise your physical wellbeing just to save a bit of cash?

This is where professionals could (literally) save your neck. They are experienced in the most effective way to carry bulkier items, armed with dollies and straps to help them manoeuvre heavy furniture. Furthermore, removalists usually work in teams of strong men, meaning your belongings have a much better chance of staying intact and undamaged. And, in the less than likely event that damage does occur, the moving company’s insurance takes care of all costs of repair.

Packing particulars

Putting things in boxing may sound simple enough, but there’s an art to packing that many fail to comprehend, ultimately risking the safety of their possessions. Indeed, packing is a very important aspect of moving as it determines the protection of your goods. Poor packing may result in breakages, chipping, scratching, or items becoming damaged well beyond repair. If you end up cracking your beloved china, or your brand new TV takes a bashing in the van, you’ve only yourself to blame.

But by hiring a competent removalist, you’ll receive a professional packing service that keeps your goods safe and sound for the duration of your move. Unlike most of us, good movers know the art to packing, reducing the risk of damage to your most prized possessions.

The clean up

If we’re honest, few of us really enjoy cleaning. Luckily, many professional movers also offer additional cleaning services, on top of the help to move. They can leave your old house as clean as a whistle, as well as getting your new house ready for you to enjoy as soon as you walk in the door.

Choose the middle ground

Rather than choosing to go it alone or to hand everything over, you could choose the middle ground. Perhaps pack your boxes by yourself, and then hire a man with a van to transport all your goods (and handle all the heavy lifting!). In the end, the decision will boil down to what is right for you and your circumstances, and of course your budget. But whatever route you take, make sure you do your research, and get comprehensive quotes before committing either way. You may not save money by hiring a professional, but what you will save is time, stress, and a lot of aching muscles.

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