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Wallace Avenue, Brighton

11 December, 2023 / Case Studies

Wallace Avenue, Brighton banner image

The Brief: In April this year, we secured this stunning Brighton home for our clients. In August, they engaged us to act as their vendor advocate as they were moving overseas. Recognising their preference for a more discreet and efficient approach, we advised them to pursue an off-market sale, ensuring a streamlined process aligned with their preferences.

Sale Type: Private Sale

The Challenge:  Given the extensive criteria in the brief, we focused initially on refining the search area to present the finest options to our client without overlooking any possibilities. While the geographic scope was broad, the rest of the brief was clear. Our task was not only to identify the right property but also to skillfully negotiate with the vendors to align with our proposed price and terms.

The Result:  Collaborating with Marshall White, we not only achieved a fast and effective off-market sale, we also helped them make a $600,000 gain on their primary place of residence in just four months. Off-market transactions often involve intricate strategising and close collaboration. Working alongside Marshall White and our client, we ensured that the property was sold for the best possible price and on terms that suited our client’s preferences.



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