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Blessington St, St Kilda

18 August, 2022 / Case Studies

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The Brief: Our clients were looking for something unique, they were clear that anyhing ‘vanilla’  or too polished would not be right for them. They were looking for something edgy and different ad it had to be in and around St Kilda.

Client Type: Homebuyer

Sale Type: Off-market

The Challenge: We considered penthouses in The George, The Spanish Mission House (behind the Prince of Wales in St Kilda) as well as a historic mansion on Acland Street, however none were quite the right fit. Once we felt that we had scoured all the  property on and off the market, we deicded we would have to look to property that wasn’f for sale (yet).

The Result:  Infolio door knocked arguably one of the most famous and coveted homes in St Kilda, ‘Sun-Blest’, located directly opposite the St Kilda Botanical Gardens.  We negotiated directly with the two vendors for over four months. In the end, we managed to secure the property on behalf of our clients. They were delighted and we were almost as excited as them by the transaction. ‘Sun-Blest’ will forever be one of Infolio’s most rewarding and significant aquisitions.

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