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What is Build-to-Rent and Project Leasing?

12 June, 2024 / Category: Blog

What is Build-to-Rent and Project Leasing? banner image

Project leasing involves leasing residential developments, such as apartments or townhouses, to the market as a group. This typically takes the form of Build-to-Rent projects or investor-sold projects.

Build-to-Rent (BTR) Projects: These are large-scale, purpose-built developments designed exclusively for long-term rental rather than being sold to individuals or investors (referred to as Build-to-Sell). BTR projects are held under single ownership, often by a superfund or a single owner, and are intended for long-term leasing. They provide more housing choices for renters and are leased out as large-scale projects.

Investor-Sold Projects: These involve individual properties sold to investors and then leased to the rental market through a comprehensive campaign for the entire project rather than through individual leasing campaigns for each investor-owned property.

Project Leasing Requirements: Project leasing requires leasing agents and property managers with specific skill sets to tailor leasing campaigns that attract tenants likely to rent long-term. This is achieved through targeted lead-generation campaigns and sophisticated filtering methods. It also necessitates ongoing analysis of supply and demand, pricing seasonality, and understanding the right demographic tenant mix for the project.

 Why work with Infolio?

At Infolio, we offer a uniquely balanced team size: we are small enough for our director, Nicole, to oversee all our projects personally, yet large enough to have a dedicated project manager on-site to handle the day-to-day leasing campaigns and community management.

Our commitment doesn’t end once the building is fully occupied. Our property management team continues to build and maintain strong relationships with both tenants and owners, ensuring a happy and sustainable community.

Since 2010, Infolio has amassed extensive experience in project leasing, managing over six large-scale developments (each with over 200 apartments) and multiple small-scale developments (each with 40+ townhouses or apartments).

Why do our partners choose to work with us

Our approach at Infolio is highly client-specific. We custom-tailor solutions for each client, taking into account the size, location, and specifications of their development.

Typically, we are engaged at the commencement of the project, collaborating closely with the developer. We assist in determining the pricing of rental properties, devise strategic marketing campaigns for the leasing process, and organize key events such as display suite setups, launch days, and the customer journey.

Our ultimate aim is a successful project launch, achieving full occupancy at the highest possible market rents.

“Upon meeting Nicole and the team, I was very impressed about their professionalism, experience in the game and ability to deliver.”

Sam Suleman

Suleman Group 

 Our current projects 

The Hobson Apartments, Spotswood

Infolio is project leasing The Hobson Apartments in Spotswood’s newest mixed-use development, Union Quarter. We are leasing 188 apartments and providing ongoing onsite management.

With a consistently high elve of quality leads, we have leased more than 60% of the apartments in the first five months of the leasing campaign and achieved high market rents across all properties.

New Street Project, South Kingsville

Infolio collaborating with the Frater Property Group for their townhouse project in New Street, South Kingsville. This exciting development comprises 32 premium two, three, and four-bedroom townhouses, all available for lease now. Already, these properties have garnered heightened interest from professionals seeking home office living and families in search of an inner-city lifestyle.

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