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Apartment Living With Kids

30 October, 2014 / Category: Blog

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Affordable bills, greater security and closer proximity to the city are just few of the many reasons more Australians are making the move to apartment style living. However, you’re a parent, and probably wondering how you’re going to manage your messy, energetic and noisy little creature in a compact living environment?

We get down to the core of the clash, and discover just how great the combination can be.

Why make the move?

Convenience is in and complicated is out. Apartments are the perfect way to live a more sustainable and simpler lifestyle. Most make the switch to be able to live in nice suburbs close to the city, for reasonable prices. There’s something about having your amenities already built in that makes life that much easier, not to mention if something goes wrong, there is usually an apartment handy man you can call to.

Many apartment buildings provide pools, gyms, and sometimes washing machines and dryers to further facilitate their residents. Although it may affect some that they cannot enjoy the comfort of their own green backyard, one can appreciate the cities outdoor offerings, like a park, which does not have to be maintained by you, simply enjoyed.

Due to the small spatial area of apartments, electricity, gas and water bills are kept at a low minimum. Less space, means less to clean, as well as less to decorate and a call for more creativity and fun when making use of your space. High-rise buildings offer exclusive views and balcony luxuries. If you’re lucky, you may have access to a rooftop where you can stargaze at night.

Being a part of an apartment complex, means you are part of a community, and it is here where the social perks of living extra close to others are apparent. Having numerous neighbours provides closer ties to those around you, whether it’s passing them in the hallway, or discussing your days in the elevator. Safety arises from this also, not only must you be ‘buzzed’ into a building to gain entry, but knowing your neighbours is handy as they will be sure to notice if something is out of the ordinary.

With compact living, comes more leisure time, and most of all, more family time.

However, I know what you’re thinking; limited noise, smaller spaces and no backyard? How will my young one live a happy and healthy life in an apartment?

Firstly, apartment seekers must choose the right Neighbourhood.

What to look for?

When selecting the right apartment, it is important to pick an area that accommodates for all the needs of you and your family. Parks, schools, gyms, transport routes, and most importantly safety amenities should be accommodated. Apartments have a reputation of providing limited-parking spaces, so ensure to scope out the parking availabilities around the area.

For the actual complex itself, it may be a good idea to assess the storage facilities. We all know how many ‘things’ kids require; books, toys, bikes etc. Also, have a thorough check of how safe the apartment is for your little superstar(s) (stairs, windows, and balconies).

With children, comes noise, and by selecting an apartment on the ground floor, your young ones little voice will not travel and disturb others.

How to embrace the clash:

Although there are challenges that come with apartment living and kids, it is encouraged that parents utilize their resources, and embrace their location.

Even in the smallest of apartments, designated play space can be appointment, which avoids books, toys and anything else haphazardly living around your home. This will limit clean up.

Using storage boxes, baskets, shelves and under the bed boxes can be used to keep a neat, structured room. Strategies like these will teach your child organization skills that they can utilize later in life.

Children are loud creatures and this can put extra stress on parents and neighbours in an apartment complex situation. Parents here can use this opportunity to teach their child the importance of keeping their voices and activities at a reasonable level.

By spending some time getting to know other residents, you may even find playmates, which will benefit both you and your child. It is always nice to have another parent close by to rely on, and vice versa.

With all of this socialising your youngster is being exposed to, they will become a member of a community creating a beautiful sense of belonging where your child can always feel safe and comfortable.

So yes, apartments are small, and yes children are wild, but this is not a limitation. While finding yourself visiting more parks, contributing in more outdoor activities and having that extra time in your days, you may come to realise that less, is more!

Sincerely yours,


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