Selling with Infolio

A lot can be riding on the sale of your property, and apart from securing the right price there’s much more to consider. An Infolio vendor’s advocate can help by deciphering what’s really going on in the market and be upfront about what will add value and what price you can realistically expect. They’ll help you choose the best real estate agent within the best agency, select the most effective marketing package and be there to ascertain whether an offer is good or bad. And of course, they’ll be there to take care of any negotiations at or post auction if need be.  We offer the complete vendor advocacy service in Melbourne.


Infolio selling process

  • 1 Free consultation

    Initial free 45 minute consultation

  • 2 Detailed brief

    Discuss property brief in detail and define target

  • 3 Search & refine

    We identify best agents and present proposals

  • 4 Shortlist & negotiate

    You select agent, we negotiate fees and marketing

  • 5 Purchase & settlement

    We assist you with offers and understanding T&Cs, along with post-auction negotiation if needed

Selling fees

There’s no fee directly payable to us from our clients. Infolio secures their fee directly from the selling agent’s commission, which is a percentage figure based on the achieved sale price of your property — so it’s clearly in our interest to get the best possible price for you.

Looking to sell? Get in touch.

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