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    If you’ve been searching relentlessly for someone reputable and reliable in this industry, you’ve arrived in the right place. The Melbourne rental market is highly competitive, especially in areas close to the CBD such as Elwood, Brighton, Albert Park, Middle Park, and South Melbourne. Property managers here at Infolio are highly knowledgeable in all suburbs within 10km of the CBD and will strive to achieve the highest return on your investment property possible, finding only the highest-quality tenants for you.

    We’re the needle in Melbourne’s haystack

    The choices you have for property managers in Melbourne are endless, and their skills (or lack thereof) will determine the amount of rental return you’ll see as well as the quality of tenants. Some questions for you to consider when considering who to go for are:

    • How much experience do they have? Those with more experience will know how to source the best tenants, and get you the highest return!
    • Do they do their homework? When you discuss the suburb your investment property is in, were they able to get back to you with the latest figures for comparable properties on the market?
    • What is their tenant selection process? You want tenants who are responsible, respectful, and who will pay their rent on time without fail.
    • How many properties are on their rent roll? The more rentals that your property manager has, the less focus they’re able to give to yours. This can lead to forgotten lease reviews, unhappy tenants, and an overall negative experience.

    A personal property management experience

    Unlike a real estate agency, Infolio’s intentionally smaller portfolio of properties enables us to manage your investment with an attention to detail that simply can’t be achieved elsewhere. You’ll have a dedicated and experienced end-to-end property manager who’s completely aware of every detail of your property. The same person leases, inspects and reviews rental income biannually and reviews lease agreements annually. Our vacancy rate is less than 1%, with tenants averaging 2-year stays. When managing a client’s investment, we believe in giving nothing less than absolute certainty and security.

    Find out more today

    We have extensive experience in all areas of real estate, including rental management and finding clients the best properties to buy. We’re well-versed in suburbs such as Middle Park, Elwood, Brighton, Albert Park and South Melbourne, just to name a few, as well as all other suburbs within 10km of the CBD. Contact us today to find out how we can help make the most of your investment.

    Managing with Infolio

    Infolio managing process

    • 1

      Free consultation

      Meet with our property manager to discuss your needs

    • 2

      Detailed proposal

      Property manager provides you with a written proposal. To which, an authority and written instructions are generated

    • 3

      Marketing & advertising

      We generate all marketing needs to advertise your property

    • 4

      Search & refine

      We co-ordinate and conduct OFIs and private viewings. And then screen thoroughly to find the best possible tenants

    • 5

      Secure & manage

      We then secure the lease and fully manage your property

    Property management services and fees

    Here's a very brief overview of our services and a guide to our fees.

    Take over

    We take over from an existing agent, where the property already has a tenant

    Property Management fee 7.7% of gross monthly rental income

    No charge to take over from an existing agent

    Letting only

    We will find a tenant for you, but you choose to manage the property

    Letting fee 4.4% of gross annual rental income (deducted from first month's rent)

    Fully furnished

    We lease, manage or take over a fully furnished property

    Higher rates apply. Enquire for quote

    Full service

    We will advertise, lease and manage your investment property

    Property Management fee 7.7% of gross monthly rental income

    Letting fee 4.4% of gross annual rental income (deducted from first month's rent)

    We offer discounted rates to landlords with multiple properties. Get in touch to find out more!

    Client portal

    As a landlord, you'll also have 24-hour access to our client portal, which gives you online access to your property manager and enables you to view and download financial statements, including past income, expenditure and monthly rental statements.


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