Why do we only hear from people if we do something wrong?

I was walking with a great friend of mine on Sunday morning, he is a CEO of a highly successfully business and works in an area that receives government funding and as a consequence is highly complianced.   We got to talking about how Real Estate is also very compliance based, there are a number of different Acts that govern real estate and the OIEC of any RE company should be completely up to speed with the legislation in order to run and operate an effective business.  Anyway he was telling me that he often gets “mystery shopped” phone calls where the aim of the caller is to catch him out saying or doing the wrong thing.   It got me wondering why we are so keen to catch people out doing the wrong thing and never tap them on the shoulder for doing the right thing.   It’s a wonder anyone ever goes into business when there are so many areas that both clients, governments, competitors etc can work at getting you into trouble, people are so keen to get out of paying a bill, competitors don’t like being threatened by new people in the market, and government bodies want to appear like they are doing the work of the greater good by catching you out – even if it’s the most minuscule thing….I realize this sounds rather negative but it does make you wonder why no agency gets written up for having a squeaky clean trust account year after year but if they don’t dot an I somewhere else they will brandish you as dishonest.