When does passion look like desperation?

So I recently met with a client of mine and I can honestly say (although I will sound like a tool) that I thought I had the business in the bag.    Our conversations leading up to the meeting were really positive, she was excited and I was super enthusiastic!   We sat face to face for 45 minutes and I really felt that she was coming on board, you know when you present your case and you know you’re on your game – well that’s how I felt… I was so confident I told my colleagues she was coming on board, I even started looking for property.   At the end of the meeting she advised me that she was just going to run it past her husband and we could then formalize everything (alarm bells should have been ringing right then) she looks after their property portfolio and he manages their share investments.  

So anyway I don’t hear from her for about a week so I send her a follow up email, the next night I get her response.   Her husband thinks the bum is going to fall out of the property market and wants her to wait until there are genuine bargains to be had, apparently he said that he was happy for her to engage our services but it was unlikely that any property we presented to them would appear good enough value for them to purchase!!!   Thankfully this client of mine was nice enough to say that she didn’t want to waste my time with an exercise that would potentially be completely fruitless, but I couldn’t help responding with what I thought was sincere passion…. “let me meet your husband”  “let me discuss the property market with him” etc etc… “you’re going to miss out on moment in the market where there are genuinely excellent buying conditions”   but I ask you – when did this start to sound desperate???   I still haven’t had a response from the client and a client that I have a particularly good relationship with so it tells me that my reaction was perhaps too strong, when did I start looking desperate?   I wasn’t desperate for the business, bitterly disappointed – yes, desperate – no, but the complete lack of a response tells me I went too hard and my passion has been confused for desperation or I somehow started looking like a sales person trying to close a deal!