Top tips to attracting the best tenants & keeping them!

Below is a list of things that I have come across in over 15 years of managing property, they are in no particular order but they are items that are continually requested by prospective tenants, some of the items listed are also reasons that a tenant will reject rental property.

The key is to make your investment the one that the prospective tenants want – get more people to your door and make desire want your property above the others… put yourself in a position where you can select the best applicant and not have to approve the only application you receive.

My tips……..

Remove coloured feature walls – people don’t like them any more, they don’t fit in with furniture and peoples different styles.

Install Fly screens – you can’t expect tenants to leave the bathroom window open for better ventilation if there are no screens.

Security door – do you want to open your door to a complete stranger and have nothing between you?   This isn’t necessary where there is intercom access but worth considering for ground floor apartments in particular.

Keyed alike – help us help you….. Keys are the bain to our existence, make life a little easier for everyone and have one key to the property and 1 key for all window locks.

White walls – we love Antique White USA, it’s clean, fresh but not so bright that its blinding.

Coffee/mocha or charcoal carpets – this hides light marking and cleans up well, these colours are also very compatible with most colours and furniture styles.

Super clean – present your property is its best light and have it professionally cleaned in between tenancies, this should include windows & sky lights.

Down lights or simple oyster shades – i don’t think anyone likes those three pronged flower shades; lights should be seen but not seen – if you know what i mean?

Aircon/heating – this is a common request.  The facts are simple – if your property is up against another in the same block or street and yours lacks heating and cooling…. the other one will lease first and for more money.   This is more commonly requested now due to its common inclusion in all the current developments.

Washing machine taps – now this may not be something you can add but if there is an option to put wm taps somewhere in your property then you should do it, otherwise make sure the owners corp look after the communal laundry, many of them look like mini rubbish tips.

Dishwasher – again this is more commonly requested now than it ever was.   Its not absolutely necessary but if you are doing a renovation then you should definitely include a dishwasher.

What you need to remember is that just because someone is renting it doesn’t mean they want substandard living.   We ask extremely good rents for most properties and the accommodation should reflect that.  These items are key to long term quality tenants, so whilst you may have to part with some money to begin with it will cost you less in the long term.  Below is a pic of an a grade investment property….