Tips to employing Gen Y’s


They might look like this, but they don’t work like it!

I’ll start by suggesting that the best tip I can give you is Don’t!!! I’m a little burnt by the Gen Ys. We have had our fair share of underperforming Gen Ys at our company so it’s fair to say I’m a little burnt however I do have to say that not all Gen Ys make poor employees … we have 2 super stars in our office one who is 24, the other 28 who are both Gen Ys but whom have been awesome for us.

There is however the more common Gen Y that I have dealt with and I’ll give you some examples of the work ethic I have witnessed:

• Sits in car during open for inspections because “it’s too cold outside”
• Calls Fair Work Australia because they are asked to work a Saturday on a weekend they have plans to go away
• Often sick on a Monday or Friday
• Files insurance renewal notices rather than approving them for payment
• Throws invoices in the bin because its easier than checking if they have been entered or not
• Arranges maintenance and doesn’t advise the client
• Doesn’t accept calls from people they don’t like, including landlords
• Spends half the day on Facebook
• Loses their phone twice so obtains new business cards each time at our expense

Tell me if your thinking I’m being a little unfair but I have to say I have never been so eager to get some maturity back into our office. Back when I started my first job in real estate I worked six days a week (no question) I never took a sick day, I did what I was told, I earned my stripes and I was loyal – bring it back please.