Social Media for Property People

Gray - Lauren

I think we have all seen how social media can work for the lucky punter who posts his house on face book and it goes viral and sells for thousands of dollars above reserve without having the cost of an agent, but what does social media really do for the average advocate, agent or property manager?   Why do we use it and what is the overall outcome we are searching for.

For me personally i have only just started to understand what social media can do and what we can do with it.   I believe that by casting your net across social media platforms you ultimately put your company’s brand in the forefront of your network and their networks minds, but then you have to consider the way in which you want to be perceived… you see what i am discovering is that all these platforms have a general tone in which you should communicate:

Blog – informative, positions you as an expert

facebook – use your voice, be social & fun

twitter – commentary

This has taken me several years to figure out.   I don’t consider myself a stupid person but coming from a generation where we converse on the phone or arrange a meeting, cold call or meet someone by referral, this is simply a new world that i have had to work out in the limited time i have available.  The moral of this brief tail is that if understood the medium can be used to your advantage, but i suggest working out a voice and strategy first rather than the machine gun approach that most people adapt when the don’t really understand why we are communicating through a PC or Mac in the first instance.

Gray - Lauren