Should trades people attend non urgent jobs outside of normal business hours?

If you are a home owner and you have a dripping tap I suppose (generally speaking) you will either attend to your tap when you get the time or when the plumber/handyman is able to attend, so why is it that many (not all) tenants believe that a dripping tap is URGENT!!!!!! AND MUST BE ATTENDED TO AFTER BUSINESS HOURS!!!!!!  Is it because they are paying rent?   Why on earth would a person, tenant, landlord or anyone for that matter believe that a tradesperson should attend a property at a time outside normal hours unless it is absolutely necessary?   So a normal business day is something like 8.30 – 5.30 give or take, yet there appears to be some thought stream that trades people should work outside these hours to fit in with us and our normal day…. Wouldn’t it be reasonable to respect that everyone has a job to do and if it is us who requires the help of another then we should be the person making an adjustment to our day and not the other way round?   I’m wondering where common sense has gone to in our community, across the board I believe there is a general lack of it, and it makes the day to day dealings in business extremely frustrating.  

I put another scenario to you.. Under the Residential Tenancies Act a tenant now has the authority to spend up to $1800 on urgent repairs if they occur outside normal business hours or for some reason the agent has not attended to the matter themselves – landlords do not like this section of the Act, and despite it being very rarely called upon it generally needs to be explained to landlords in many different ways before it gels that an urgent repair would have to be attended to anyway so it’s kind of irreverent if it happens after hours, it’s really a safety net for tenants!   So I recently sent an email out to all landlords clearly explaining that the amount had been increased from $1000 to $1800 and that this was the first increase in many years, in my email I explained what was considered an urgent repair and what circumstances this might be called upon – despite this I had someone email me to say that they did not care about the Act and they wanted all jobs quoted on first, this means that if a tenant has say a blocked toilet late on a Saturday night the owner expects that 1) the tenant will wait before they are able to use the toilet again or until its quoted and fixed perhaps some time the following week or   2) a tradesperson will quote on a Saturday night and not charge them for it??  Or  3) The property manager will be answering their phone and dealing with these antics late Saturday evening?   Now where is the common sense in that?

Property Management can be challenging at the best of times so when we have to deal with the above scenarios it makes life all the more difficult, particularly when it should be clear cut and simple…..