Setting KPI’s for your property managers & assistants

I had coffee with some other senior property managers / head of departments and I was so surprised to find out that many of them don’t set kpi’s (key performance indicators) for their property managers and assistants.   Now I fully realize that to run a business we are looking at the bottom line witch directly relates to management fees, lettings and other ancillary fees, but if all the other odds and ends don’t get attended to along the way then you won’t have any clients to worry about..

We have clear KPIs for the PM but also the assistants, they consist of things like, keys – ensuring we have keys to all properties, maintain the soft copy files on the computer so they are all consistent, managing quote requests etc… There is nothing more annoying than chasing up trades people for quotes or even worse having the landlord chase you up for the quotes they have not yet received!   You see its all the little jobs that often gets missed that can create the most angst for the parties involved and making someone accountable for these tasks mitigates any future problems, not all problems but it’s a good start.