Rising trend in single females engaging buyer’s advocates


In a recent study of our existing client base (those currently using our service), we have noticed an increase in single females outsourcing their buying by engaging a professional buyer’s advocate. Of the clients studied we found:

  • 60% were couples
  • 22% were single males
  • 18% were single females

There was a 5% increase in female buyers from the same time last year.  Interestingly, 99% of the female buyers were looking for an investment property and not a home to occupy. Most of these clients are busy professional women wanting to retain their weekends for a genuine break between working weeks. They believe that the benefit of using a buyer’s advocate is three-fold:

  1. Saves time
  2. Provides the opportunity to view several properties in one-mid week session (rather than running around all Saturday)
  3. Provides superior negotiation skills, which saves money on the purchase price & negotiates more favourable terms

Interestingly many of our female buyers to come us straight up. They have generally been referred by a friend or colleague. They sit for one meeting and make a decision quickly.   Whereas our male clients generally give buying a crack themselves, and then come to us out of frustration. In fact, many of them meet with us, go away and start searching themselves then return to us a couple of months later.

As a female business owner, I’m just thrilled to see more and more women outsourcing buying, particularly for investment. They are taking their future in their hands and making smart decisions about setting themselves up in their own right.