Infolio’s Erica Rotherham wins the Buckmaster Hawkey Rising Star Award

We are so thrilled that Erica has been recognised for her great work, read the announcement below.

The Buckmaster Hawkey Rising Star award – dedicated to finding the real estate industry’s best staff member aged 30 years or under.

Recently, our panel of judges sat down to review the entries for this award and the first thing they noticed was how high the calibre of nominees was. There were many who deserved recognition, on close inspection the panel kept coming back to one candidate who indisputably stood out.

The first item that caught our judges’ eye was in the business achievements category. This nominee had increased the profitability of her portfolio by 70% in just 12 months – a mighty achievement!

Like many candidates, her nomination comments spoke of her willingness to take on difficult tasks, to go above and beyond, and the diligence displayed in her work. But the clinching comment for us was the feedback from her clients. Many of her clients just assumed that she was one of the business owners due to her poise and professionalism. That just may be a hint there about the future path of our first winner.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Buckmaster Hawkey Director, Mark Appleby here to present The Property Industry Award for the Rising Star of 2011 to Erica Rotherham from Infolio Corp.

This wonderful news has also been featured in the Real Estate Review