New financial year, new opportunities


With the end of the financial year now behind us, it is the perfect time to plan for the fiscal year ahead. Follow our quick checklist to make the most of investment opportunities in 2012 / 2013.

Review your current portfolio
The new fiscal year is the perfect time to review your investments’ performance over the last 12 months. Did they perform as hoped? Was growth on par with expectations? Were there any unexpected surprises along the way worthy of note for 2012 / 2013? Reviewing previous years’ experiences can demonstrate trends in the market place and point to new areas to grow your investments in the year ahead.

Reassess investment goals
Regardless of the time of year, it’s vital to regularly check you are on track to achieve your investment goals. Consider whether your goals have changed or evolved since your last review. Are your current properties performing to keep you track to help to achieve these goals?

Reviewing your investments on a regular basis can highlight opportunities to buy, sell and renovate as well as make changes and seek advice where necessary. At infolio, we can help review and renew your investment goals, remove the pressure of sourcing new properties and can unlock potential for new opportunities to grow your portfolio.

Identify new opportunities
Access to new funds such as end of financial year bonuses and tax returns can provide new ways to grow your portfolio. Can you identify new areas for growth and expansion? Do hidden opportunities exist to bring your goals to life in the year ahead?

At infolio, we can help you identify and find new opportunities to bring your investment goals to fruition. We can help you establish a new or revised investment strategy, source properties as well as see potential to grow new areas within your current portfolio.

The new fiscal year is filled with potential, laying the path for new, ‘hidden’ properties to diversify your portfolio. We have privileged access to unadvertised properties, with a third of our clients purchasing ‘off-market’ properties on favourable terms. We can find unlisted properties and even negotiate on your behalf to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

Investigate new opportunities and ways to grow your current portfolio by tapping into our well-honed industry experience and knowledge base.

Seek advice
Wise investors seek advice from industry professionals on a regular basis and many of our clients seek recommendations on industry trends, forecasting and suburb evaluations to ensure they have the ‘full picture’ before investing.

We have first hand experience and in depth insights on Melbourne’s fastest growing suburbs, most secure investments and best properties to give you a very real understanding of what to expect in the current market. We can help you revise, review and grow your investment strategy as well as source ‘off-market’ properties on your behalf.

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