Never talk on a subject you know nothing about!

I did something really stupid on Friday…. Let me start this story by telling you that we have a strict policy in our office that staff are not to respond to questions or queries if they don’t know the answer – never guess, tell the client that someone will call them back.. I didn’t take my own advice and a horrible tale has unraveled as a result…

Let me paint the picture – it’s 3pm on my day off and I’m driving my 7 month old twin boys to an appointment that I am running late for when I receive a call by a chap wanting information about a very particular part of our service.   Without boring you on the finer details let me just say I talked rubbish, to be honest I rambled on as I didn’t really know what I was talking about but I was getting questions shot at my at a rate of knots.   In my eagerness not to lose a potential client, thinking that all I needed was to get an appointment booked in where we could discuss the process properly, effectively I answered questions I didn’t know the answer to and placed myself in a compromising and very unfavorable position. 

So why did I say what I said… There are a few reasons.   As the director and front person for the company I often get people calling me about buying property, most of the time I can assist them however my main area of the business is within property management, I have taken a more keen interest in our buyers advocacy department since taking on the role of OIEC, as the director I feel like I should be able to deliver an answer (mistake 1) The second point was that I was keen to secure a client, or at the very least an appointment with this chap where we could sell our services, I got the clear impression that if I didn’t answer yes to his questions then the call would be over and an opportunity missed, call it stupidity, call it what you want, I call it (mistake 2)  The lesson here is loud and clear ONLY TALK ABOUT THINGS YOU KNOW ABOUT!!!!!