Is paying the rent a tenants lowest priority?

Nothing annoys me more than a tenant who doesn’t pay their rent on time – my big bug bear about this is that a tenant (certainly not all and very few by my experience) makes a decision that rather than pay their rent they will allow the landlord to fall short on their mortgage re-payments. 

The perception is that if someone owns an investment property then they are rich, they don’t consider that their landlord probably bust’s his/her chops each month to pay their bills and most likely fall’s short on the mortgage repayments but chip’s in extra money from their salary because they want to get ahead in life, short term pain for long term gain!   The landlord most likely makes a decision to not go out for dinner or buy that new handbag because they are paying off their investment, but Mr/Mrs tenant thinks they are loaded, so instead of paying rent on time they will push the limits.

I can’t help but wonder why paying the rent isn’t the most important bill of all, what’s a roof over your head worth??   Or should the question be – why can a tenant get so far behind in their rent before they can be asked to vacate?   Why is it that a tenant has to be 14 days late before you can even serve them notice, but a home owner only has to miss 1 repayment by 1 single day before the banks are chasing their money – it just doesn’t seem right…

I’m on this train wreck of a story because of a current situation with one of our tenants, whilst 99.9% are fantastic we have one fool living in a property we manage who has not paid his rent, I call him a fool because he has since put us down for a reference on an application for another property he is trying to rent – we wouldn’t lease him a cardboard box and certainly wouldn’t recommend anyone else does – but don’t worry, we won’t say anything as Privacy Legislation precludes us from warning a future landlord about a crappy late paying tenant unless we have an order from VCAT!!!!!