How to select the best buyers agent for you?

I’m not sure if you have noticed but there seems to be new buyer advocacy groups opening up everywhere touting how experienced they are and to the unassuming consumer each company’s website and personal bio’s seem to be similar.

At Infolio we take the industry seriously and we continue to provide training for our team despite the genuine amount of experience our members already have and regardless of the amount of properties we have successfully negotiated for our clients.

The role of a buyers advocate is to consider the clients requirements before their own and then source and acquire a suitable property for the lowest possible price unfortunately lack of experience , skill, market knowledge, poor relationships with real estate agents and personal; agendas result in the client purchasing the wrong property at the wrong price.

Just because someone might be mentioned in the newspaper doesn’t make them an expert!

Before engaging a buyer advocate prepare a list of questions to ensure that you are engaging the best candidate to represent you. We have provided some examples to consider when interviewing a buyers advocate.

Questions to ask:

  • How long have you been in real estate?
  • Have you sold real estate before? Very important when negotiating.
  • How many properties did you sell?
  • How long have you been a buyer advocate?
  •  How many properties have you purchased as a buyer advocate?
  •  How many clients are you currently representing?
  • Do you represent investors or home buyers?
  • Are you a fixed fee or a commission of the purchase price?
  • If you a rewarded based on a percentage of the purchase price, how can I be assured that you will not pay more than market value?
  • How many properties are you buying ’off market’?  and can you provide some examples of these?
  • Have you got any past clients I can speak with for a reference?
  • What is your average saving on a property purchase per client?
  • Do you have any purchasing criteria or will you buy whatever I want?
  • How would you rate your relationships with real estate agents?
  • What strategy do you recommend when negotiating on a property?

Its really important to remember that is doesn’t take a lot to be qualified as a buyers advocate or a real estate agent, yes it’s getting better but in NSW for example you can obtain qualifications to be an advocate in a half day course!  You as the consumer need to undertake the due diligence in order to find the best possible advocate who has the skills, knowledge and contacts to get you the best deal possible.   At Infolio we can give you our statistics, personal sales, and gladly put you in contact with existing and current clients that we represent to provide you with the confidence before acting on your behalf  – happy hunting!