Holidays & Business, can it be done?

So I recently returned from 10 days in Port Douglas, just bliss!  Now I’m home I am left thinking – why?   Why on earth did I only take 10 days leave????   I think many of us have a sense that the job only gets done properly if it’s done by ourselves, but there really comes a time where you must put faith in the people you employ to run the business in your absence.   While I was away I never once felt stressed or pressured to be back in the office, in fact our wonderful employees made a conscious effort to handle all things that came their way without bothering me, together with the brilliant iphones and ipads the office was never all that far away if I really needed to connect.  

So here I am sitting back at my desk when I should really be lying on four mile beach taking in the beautiful blue sky and warm silky surf and simply skimming my iphone from time to time – I will know better for next time, the ship does not sink without me!   The moral of the story – employ great staff and keep them!!