High temperatures, hotter rents

It’s a myth that the property market goes to sleep over the summer months, when in fact it can be quite lucrative when purchased and rented at the right price.

Low competition in the market place, teamed with high rents, provides ample opportunity over the silly season. With far less competition, buyers will be in an advantageous position to capitalise on low competition, low rates and high rents.

Teamed with a short settlement, investors can take advantage of inflated rents over the summer months, particularly amongst properties in popular holiday or bayside destinations.

Many investors make the mistake of holding off for the elusive ‘right time to invest’, bypassing lucrative opportunities to capitalise on seasonal trends. Interest rates are low, salaries are rising and property prices are stable, yet its astonishing the number of investors who aren’t taking advantage of these timely opportunities.

The fact remains if you buy well and intend to hold onto your assets for ten years, any economic changes become irrelevant. Contact us today for a confidential discussion.