Good service, twice in 1 day!

I know I can bitch and moan about poor service so I figure it’s time to talk about some good service – twice in 1 day actually!

So my day has started with literally back to back meetings, the first of which was with Tegan from Icon, now she may be young but she is a rock star – hard working, harder than most and seriously switched on.   It’s nice to deal with someone who knows what they are talking about, you can ask her a question and get a straight response and so far she has delivered on her promises.   Icon have been helping us with all the social media stuff, I use the word ‘stuff’ as I am so backwards with social media I have no other explanation for the jargon – what I can tell you is they make it easy for us and since it’s the way business and the real estate industry are heading they are the people to team with if you too need your hand held.  The whole team at Icon are gorgeous, smart and savvy – I highly recommend them!

During the middle of my day I was met with Dan from, Dan is just a pleasure, he is friendly, doesn’t blab on and actually shows us add value for our buyers advocacy and property management business – we find that most of the real-estate sites focus on selling agencies and Dan takes the time to show us the actual benefits we will receive – he did just bump us our subscription fee but it genuinely included some additional value, which is more than I can say for his competitors.   We recently endured a 45% increase on a subscription fee with another real estate site that included not 1 single additional benefit, in fact they compared themselves to even though they have 50% less users – go figure….