‘Finance Tips for First Timers’ – Tip 4


At the Kearney Group, we believe there is no time like the present.  We also believe you don’t have to have a whole lot of income, assets or investment experience to benefit from a little advice.

While a long-term strategic plan will be necessary at some point, consider speaking to a financial planner who offers ‘scalable advice’.  They should be able to help you cherry pick the strategies and services that will provide you with the most immediate value and will introduce you to the world of finance, one step at a time.

So, if you’re just starting to think about your finances or have been wondering for some time whether financial planning is right for you, we’ve got a few tips and tricks that might help you get rolling…

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Tip 4: Protect Yourself & Your Family

Know Your Most Important Asset:

What’s your most important asset?  Is it your house?  Or perhaps it’s your car?

Actually, it’s your ability to generate an income.  And, while most people would never think of driving without insurance and have coverage for their home and contents, many people leave themselves one illness, accident or injury away from financial ruin.

Income Protection Insurance provides coverage for lost earnings and ensures your family’s standard of living won’t be compromised by your inability to work.

If you insure nothing else, insure your income.  It might just be the most important gift you ever give your family…

Get It Young:

Lining up your insurances when you’re young provides many benefits:

  • You’ll likely receive better coverage
  • If you’re healthy, you may be able to avoid nasty exclusions
  • Underwriting is less arduous
  • You’ll be able to take advantage of Level Premiums making for lower costs over the long run

Inexpensive Insurance:

Did you know that you can use your super to pay the premiums on a wide range of personal and income insurance?  When properly structured, money you won’t need in retirement can be used to protect yourself now and while you work.

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