Finance Tips for ‘First Timers’ Tip 2


At the Kearney Group, we believe there is no time like the present.  We also believe you don’t have to have a whole lot of income, assets or investment experience to benefit from a little advice.

While a long-term strategic plan will be necessary at some point, consider speaking to a financial planner who offers ‘scalable advice’.  They should be able to help you cherry pick the strategies and services that will provide you with the most immediate value and will introduce you to the world of finance, one step at a time.

So, if you’re just starting to think about your finances or have been wondering for some time whether financial planning is right for you, we’ve got a few tips and tricks that might help you get rolling…

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Tip 2: Build a Budget & Get a Cash Flow Management System in Place

Good Budgets Help You:

  • See where your money is going
  • Plan your spending in advance
  • Identify overspending
  • Reveal surplus cash
  • Plan for big purchases, investments or special events
  • Is the tool that helps you put your budget into action
  • Helps you balance your income and expenditure
  • Manages the flow of money through your household and ensures it is allocated and used effectively
  • Tracks and manages regular expenses
  • Helps you get surplus cash ‘working’ for you

Your Cash Flow Management System:

Buyer Beware:

Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all budgets and cash flow management tools.  Your lifestyle is unique; your desires, expenses and goals for the future are too.  Forcing your individual financial situation into a template just won’t give the results you need.


Budgets and cash flow management systems should be freeing and allow you to have complete control over the money that comes and goes from your bank accounts.  They should not constrict you.  If yours do, they have not been designed properly or your needs have changed.

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Written By: Paul Kearney & Annie Lewis