Fatal accident ignites call to action for property managers and principles!


I just read a disturbing article on the Real Estate Business Online Magazine, link below.


Its a tragic tale of a father falling through rotten floorboards whilst holding his newborn baby, as a result of the fall he has dropped his baby and she has subsequently died.   Apparently the tenants reported the rotting floor boards to the agent on 4 occasions yet no action was taken.   There are a couple of things that spring to mind here…

1 – if the landlord inst prepared to maintain his/her property in good repair then the agent should not manage the premises as it brings their integrity immediately into question and leaves them open to litigation.

2 – if the property manager wasn’t trained in handling repairs of this nature or was too busy to see it as being a priority then this issue has spread from management level.

3 – there should be a procedure in place where any urgent maintenance or maintenance that relates to OHS issues should be addressed immediately and without requiring the landlord expressed approval before undertaking the repair.

We should as an industry only be looking after landlord’s who wish to maintain their properties to the highest standard and trust that we want the same and therefore no action is taken without good reason.

At Infolio we advise our clients that we are undertaking and urgent repair for them, and the reason why the repair is considered urgent, we tell them we don’t ask for permission and i can tell you now we don’t receive complaints from any of our customers so long as they know what we are doing and why, its basic, simple real estate – its about communicating.