Bad Social Media!

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We recently had the displeasure of dealing with some bad social media.   Basically a disgruntled neighbour posted some defamatory comments about one of our property managers on our company Facebook page.

This person is not a landlord, not a tenant, not a client in any way, what they are is an angry and childish human who takes pleasure on defaming a young property manager in a public forum.   Would you like to know why?   We manage the apartment above the unit in which they occupy and there was a leak from our apartment into theirs due to a blockage in the drain, apparently this was a reason for him to abuse us, the tenant and the owners corporation manager.  In addition,  our tenant had the audacity to move a box after 6pm causing him much disruption, this sent him over the edge!   He didn’t get the result he wanted from the Owners Corp so quickly moved onto the poor property manager, the one who generally wears the brunt of someone’s bad day.

When did it get to the stage that if people don’t get their own that they can make public announcements about another individuals character?   When did this become acceptable?    Do we need to scream and shout to anyone that can hear???

Think twice before you write something mean about another person – you don’t know where they have been, what day they have had or if you are part of a long line of complaining, aggressive individuals they have tended to that day, and finally – if you still don’t get the result you are after how about asking to speak to their manager!

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