10 top tips to make your tenancy application a successful one!

  1. Fill in all the appropriate details.. you would be surprised how many people leave empty space.
  2. If you have never lived out of home it doesn’t mean you don’t live anywhere… this will be your current address and you can make a notation that you live in the family home with your parents – we won’t hold that against you.
  3. Under employment please put your managers or HR number, don’t leave a mobile number as this could be anyone – we could be phoning one of your friends for all we know.
  4. Don’t leave the references section blank, you’re at least 18 years old by the time you are looking to rent so you must know someone who can provide both professional and character references for you, this shouldn’t include family members.  A great reference would be a teacher, colleague, family Dr or the like… hint – your best friend doesn’t really count!
  5. Don’t hand in an application with food stains and cup rings all over it – this is an indication that you can be careless or messy, on your own your application may be considered but if there is another application with similar credentials then they will appear the better candidate.
  6. If you are a student then make sure you provide enough information for the landlord to see that you can afford the rental, a bank statement, a guarantee or the like will help you considerably, together with confirmation from the University to which you are studying at – this helps us verify that you are in fact studying and not sitting at home playing Nintendo… We have no issue with Nintendo but again our job is to verify the information on your application, so the less chasing from us the better the result will be for you.
  7. If you are an international student with little English, bring an interpreter, put your case forward in writing and attach it to your application so we don’t have to go fishing for answers.
  8. If a property has a specific availability date you should put your requested move in date shortly thereafter.  The agent’s job is to lease the property to the best candidate with as little vacancy as possible.
  9. If your application is subject to something – make sure you mention it on your application, ie:  my application is subject to all windows being cleaned.   If you don’t mention it you can expect to negotiate after you have been approved on the merits in which the application was submitted – we don’t read minds and generally the property is being offered ‘as is’.   Most landlords are open to some reasonable negotiation but its awkward when we find out later.
  10. Don’t apply for a property unless you have seen it and want it!!!!!   We spend precious time checking your information and referring it to our landlords so when we tell you that your application has been approved and you inform us that you need to inspect it again or you need to get someone else through or your still looking it is extremely frustrating!  We understand you may put in several applications over a weekend – that’s fine but be honest with the agent – when they call to ask if you are still interested let them know where it stacks up in your preferences, this won’t mean you will necessarily miss out but we may wait to check your application until after you confirm with us.